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Sara Dean launched the Shameless Mom Academy to help moms lead more positive, powerful and purposeful lives #everydamnday. Sara is an award winning fitness professional, author, speaker, and transformation coach who spent the last 16+ years serving moms in the fields of psychology, sociology, health & wellness. But, it took becoming a mom herself in 2012 to learn that - holy cow - this is hard work, and if you’re not paying attention you can completely lose your own sense of identity while raising babies. Join Sara every Monday and Wednesday as she and her notable guests (such as Gretchen Rubin, Carrie Wilkerson, JJ Virgin, Susan Hyatt, Cathy Heller, Nichole Nordeman, Melanie Shankle, and Jadah Sellner) dig deep into topics like creating the confidence you crave; turn your struggles into strengths, building better boundaries, and tuning into tiny habits that can change your life. Discover how why thousands of moms all over the world are turning to The Shameless Mom Academy to live bigger, bolder, braver lives #everydamnday.
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Apr 10, 2017

The TRUTH about fitness is that our society perpetuates a ton of myths that make exercise very confusing.  That confusion leads to us wasting our time at the gym or not exercising at all because we don’t understand the truth of how easy and simple exercise can be.  


Listen in to hear:

  • Three fitness LIES that are damaging your results
  • A BONUS tip that impacts weight loss
  • The dangers in using exercise as punishment
  • How long you need to exercise to make it effective
  • The difference between exercising for health benefits and exercising for weight loss
  • The significance of food intake compared to exercise when it comes to using exercise for weight loss


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Today’s sponsor: (use code SMA30 to get a free month trial)

Apr 5, 2017

Jill Simonian is the author of The FAB Mom’s Guide: How to Get Over the Bump & Bounce Back Fast After Baby.   


The FAB Mom’s Guide celebrates motherhood while poignantly and candidly exploring the 

spectrum of emotions and real-life challenges women face from pregnancy through the first year of baby’s life - beginning with Jill's unexpected first pregnancy within her first year of marriage just as her career was taking off (which originally involved plenty of tears and swear words), to giving birth to two daughters in two years.  Jill offers easy tools, tricks and humor she and other women actually used to help new moms successfully bounce back mentally and physically within a matter of months, ultimately finding the right balance between home, career and family. 


Jill is also known for her work as a TV Host & Entertainment Journalist turned Parenting Lifestyle Expert & Contributor.  She is currently on CBS Los Angeles twice a week.  She has also worked with the TODAY Show, HLN, and the Hallmark Channel.  


Listen in to hear Jill share: 

  • How she found her self unexpectedly pregnant (twice) 
  • How she tried to hide her first pregnancy (and failed) 
  • Here stance on nursing – and her no guilt approach to formula 
  • Why she believes life only gets better after motherhood 
  • Why you should stop negotiating everything with your kids 
  • How tiny professional steps, taken while being a stay at home mom, built a foundation for her current career 


Links Mentioned: 


Book: The Pie Life by Samantha Ettus 




Apr 3, 2017

I am not a great decision maker.  I can admit to being 100% paralyzed by the decision of what kind of bibs to buy for Vinnie on Amazon a few years ago.  BIBS, people.

However, I don’t identify myself as being indecisive, because that label would be crippling for me.  That would make me more indecisive.  Labels matter.  They impact our decisions.  

So, I do my best to identify as someone who makes decisions quickly and makes decisions that serve me well.  I also set limits around my decision making, so I don’t get analysis paralysis. 

Being indecisive is disempowering.  If keeps you stuck. It gives you permission to stay in your safe little cocoon of all things known & comfortable.  Growth and change do not happen among the indecisive.  

Indecision invites in fear and doubt.  When you are stuck in indecision you think of all the bad things that could go wrong with Decision A vs Decision B vs Decision C.  If you just make a damn decision, you would learn that you are capable OWNING Decision A OR Decision B OR Decision C.  In reality, it might not even matter which one you choose as long as you own the one you choose and make it serve you.  

If you struggle with decisions or analysis paralysis or feeling stuck, this episode is for you.  Be a badass decision maker.  Today.  And everyday moving forward.  

Just make a damn decision. 


Mar 29, 2017

Today’s episode is an extremely special one.  We have our first Shameless Kid joining the show!  Joshua Apparicio is a 12-year-old seventh grader who has partnered with Be Strong, an anti-bullying organization.  Joshua works with Be Strong to share his story of being bullied regularly for 6 years.  


In addition to working with Be Strong to help other kids impacted by bullying, Joshua is a published poet (he was first published at age 7) and he recently took his SATs – yes, the ones you’re supposed to take when you’re 16.  You could say Joshua has a very bright future…


I recently saw Joshua do an interview with my friend Scott Colby (from our Say It With Gratitude SMA episode) and I was blown away.  Joshua is wise and insightful well beyond his years.  He is sweet and compassionate and brilliant.  I knew I had to have him join us in the SMA. 


I am so excited to have such a dynamic young gentleman on our show as our first Shameless Kid.  I am also extremely grateful to Joshua and his mother, Shirmin, who were so enthusiastic and thoughtful about this interview.  


I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to Joshua’s mom, Shirmin, after we stopped recording, and I was so touched by her grace and strength, qualities she has clearly passed down to her son. 


Joshua, wherever you go in life you will make a positive difference.  You already are. 


Please listen in to hear Joshua share:

  • What it was like for Joshua to be bullied on a regular basis for 6 years
  • How Joshua and his mom were finally able to put an end to the bullying
  • How his Mayor became his mentor when his school district failed to protect him
  • How his mom coached him every night to help his mindset around his situation
  • His advice to other kids who are being bullied
  • The surprisingly kind and compassionate thoughts he has about kids who demonstrate bullying behaviors
  • Why being a victim of bullying actually positively impacted his life



Links Mentioned:

Be Strong:

SMA Episode 102: Scott Colby – Say It With Gratitude


Mar 27, 2017

I don’t think aging is a bad thing.  I like to embrace my signs of aging:

  1. The burning desire to go to bed earlier
  2. A few wrinkles to prove I’ve smiled and laughed a lot
  3. Some forehead lines, cause apparently I raise my eyebrows excessively – which really enhances my eyes
  4. More cellulite – but who even cares anymore??
  5. A more carefree attitude about imperfections (see #4)
  6. The complete disregard of cultural messages about aging and beauty (thank you #5)
  7. Increased awareness to stop and smell the roses, because now I get it – there is no guarantee that the roses will be there tomorrow
  8. A more shameless attitude about chasing dreams & desires, in spite of others opinions
  9. Dark circles under my eyes – which are just proof that I got to cuddle with my child on three separate occasions during the night last night


Aging doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  It doesn’t need to take you down.  It is not cause for pills, serums, syrups, lotions, potions, or creams.  But you do want to have some awareness about the quality and quantity of your life as you age.  


There are 6 KEY ingredients that will slow down the aging process, so you can live LONGER and live BETTER.  


Listen in to hear my Top 6 All Natural Anti-Aging Secrets.  


PS: I feel qualified to give advice on this because I got carded today and I’m 41 and a half.  Cheers! 


Mar 22, 2017



Main Questions: 


Liz Nead is a force.  She is a speaker, coach, a television host, and an expert in Bringing Life Back to Everyday Life.  She is also a mom to 7 kids in her blended family – yes, 7.  Liz is impacting the lives of thousands of people worldwide by speaking the truth, pushing boundaries that need shifting, and modeling how delightful everyday life can be.  


I reached out to Liz because she is an inspiration to me as a woman, a mother, and an entrepreneur.  Liz doesn’t shy away from the truth, or hard work, or her destiny.  She makes good things happen all around her, all the time.  


Listen in to hear Liz share: 


  • How unexpectedly becoming a mother to twin sons shaped her life 
  • How to live in the moment, be alive, and not be fake 
  • Why a less full life is a better life 
  • The power of pushing physical boundaries and the connection between athleticism and motherhood 
  • The reciprocal role of parents teaching kids and kids teaching parents 
  • Why she took her clothes off on stage that one time… 
  • How “diversity training” has harmed our society 
  • What you need to know about being “racist ready” 



Links Mentioned: 

Book: The 100 Day Journey: Spark the Shift to Your Best Life by Liz Nead 

Huff Po article 


Book: Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Mar 20, 2017

I’m just a few days back from a life-changing week in the Philippines.  This journey half way around the world was not an easy choice for me.  But it was the right choice, and I’m so glad I did it.  


I left on this trip alone, sick, and feeling pretty intimidated.  I returned with a new tribe, with newly inspired motivation in multiple areas of my life, and filled with gratitude for such a powerful and positive experience. 


Tune in to hear me share:


  • How I have failed miserably with transitions and new experiences in the past
  • My 4 goals leading up to this trip
  • The dilemma of the Imposter Syndrome (for me and everyone)
  • Why you should take a chance on new and uncomfortable experiences
  • Suggestions on how to start taking steps outside your comfort zone in order to find your tribe


Mar 15, 2017

Hilary Hendershott has an impressive resume as a financial planner.  She owns Hilary Hendershott Wealth Management and is the host of Boss Profit Radio (an awesome podcast).  She’s a TEDx speaker.  She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC, FOX, Forbes, and various other media outlets.  She has made over 30 expert television appearances and she’s been recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.   


But, what you’ll probably most enjoy about Hilary is that she is REAL.  She tells it like it is and she’s not afraid to be 100% forthcoming with her own story of hitting her debt rock bottom.   


I know you’ll all appreciate her # 1 Rule: No Financial Drama.  She’s not in the biz to shame people or scare people.  She wants to help you neutralize your relationship with money so you can make decisions that empower your life.  


Listen in to hear Hilary share: 

  • What it’s like to be a female in a male driven industry 
  • The 6 (quick & easy) daily steps you can take to simplify your finances 
  • How to stop hiding from debt  
  • Ways to take the fear out of money 
  • How much you should really have in savings (and why it shouldn’t all be cash based) 
  • How to be more Shameless with your money 


Hilary also gave some really helpful tips on getting involved in the stock market (where more women NEED to play!), and she shared “The 3 F’s in Finding a Financial Advisor:” 

  1. Fees 
  1. Fiduciary 
  1. Philosophy (ok, technically a PH!)   


Links Mentioned:  



Free Guide: Mind Over Money 

Stock Market Training: Investing With Freedom for Smart Women 

Article: Fiduciary 

Podcast: Profit Boss Radio 

Mar 13, 2017

We recently got back from a weeklong trip with 4 other families.  Our group consisted of 10 adults, 5 four year olds and 3 two year olds.  We had a blast.  But, don’t mistake fun for rest.  I wouldn’t say it was relaxing…. 


This is the second year we have traveled with this group.  After doing this twice, I can say I wholeheartedly endorse group travel when you have little kids.  BUT – you must be prepared and know what you’re getting into.  


This episode will highlight my 8 lessons learned traveling with 8 kids:


  1. Snacks all the time, everywhere
  2. Eat in vs eating out
  3. Meltdowns
  4. Adult free time
  5. Daily down time
  6. The beauty and fallout of treats and screens
  7. Buffer day
  8. Nothing is as great as it seems, nothing is as bad as it seems


Mar 8, 2017

I have to start this by letting you know this was easily one of my favorite interviews ever.  You are in for the most gut wrenching story, told by the most amazing heroine and SuperMom, Leanne Kabat.  


Leanne moved to From Ottawa, Canada to Sammamish, Washington in January 2016.  Before she had a chance to make any friends, her husband left on a week long business trip.  Leanne was home with her 4 year old and her 2 year old, and she was 5 months pregnant.  


Her husband had been gone a for a few nights when Leanne woke up to pee one night (remember all the pregnancy peeing?!?)  When she got out of bed, she passed out, falling on her belly, and woke up on her bedroom floor paralyzed.  She would lie there for hours unable to move or speak.  


After hours of willing herself to GET UP, she finally regained enough mobility to get up and get herself, kids in tow, to the hospital.  What followed were months of testing, the birth of her third baby, tons more testing, and ultimately this prognosis, presented by a large panel of doctors and medical experts:


“We don’t know what you have.  But we can tell you that based on the brain damage we are seeing from your ‘incident’, you only have 5 years to live.”


Listen in to hear:

  • what Leanne’s life was like after receiving a death sentence
  • her ultimate breaking point 3 years after her diagnosis
  • how drugs ruined her and mindset saved her
  • how she finally stumbled upon her MamaCon tribe and how life changing and life giving this tribe has been
  • why she chose to buy MamaCon based on “the utterly unshakeable belief that no mama should mama alone”


Links Mentioned:

MamaCon website:

MamaCon on Facebook

Book: Harold and the Purple Crayon




Mar 6, 2017

I have been working with goal setters for the last 14 years.  Working in the fitness industry, goals are always part of the conversation with clients.  I’ve witnessed women on top of the world because they just crushed a goal.  I’ve also witnessed women set the same goal over and over, feeling defeated and deflated in their self-proclaimed failure to ever reach said goal.  This can be a viscous cycle that is really damaging to one’s mental health.    


Here are 4 reasons I frequently see women fail to meet their goals:


1. You haven’t seriously considered how amazing your life would be if you actually met your goal.  Have you really deeply considered what your life would be like if you meet your goal? Would you be more patient with your kids, more productive at work, have more desire to fuel your body well?  Would you have more energy and less anxiety?  Would you feel more in control of your life and more assertive in your relationships?


2. You’re not putting enough structure around them.  If you’re not specific about your goal and the EXACT steps you need to take to accomplish it, you’re not going to succeed.  A blueprint of sorts is essential. 


3. You’re holding out for a quick fix or next week, next month, next year.  

Stop waiting and start taking action.  It is really as simple as that.  A quick fix is a temporary bandaid.  It will wash off after just a few days.  Life will always be busy.  The “right time” will never present itself.  If you’re serious about accomplishing something, you must START. 


4. You don’t believe in yourself and you’re quick to give up. Self-limiting beliefs are the silent killer of most goals. You must take steps to improve your head game and tell yourself you ARE worth it.  Talk out your plan with a friend or mentor you know would be a great cheerleader.  Seeing someone else’s confidence in you will give you confidence in yourself.  You must be kind to yourself every damn day – telling yourself you ARE worth it and you CAN do it. 


Listen in to this episode to hear exactly how you can combat these hiccups and roadblocks.  I have seen women and moms just like you turn their lives around because they made a plan and committed to working the plan.  You truly can do anything – as long as YOU believe you can.




Mar 1, 2017

Susan Weeks is a podcast producer who helps other entrepreneurs get started in podcasting or step up their game in podcasting.  Susan’s work online started out of her desire to stay out of the corporate world that had been a part of her past.  


After becoming a mom unexpectedly at 39, while newly divorced, Susan’s life changed in every way you could imagine.  With a partner who struggled to stay in one place long enough to put down roots, Susan spent years raising her son in many different homes in many different countries.  In hindsight, she can clearly see how she lost herself in her relationship and in motherhood.  


In recent years, Susan has put down roots and built a life that is true to her identity as a leader and guide to those around her. She has built a business that can be flexible with motherhood and also allows her to put to use her best attributes to serve others.  


Listen in to hear Susan share:


  • How she dealt with divorce, selling her house, walking away from her job and then discovering she was pregnant all in one month.
  • How she moved all over Europe living someone else’s dream and lost herself
  • The steps she took to build an online business around her strongest personality traits and her best skill sets from her corporate experience
  • Why being selfish in motherhood is appropriate and sometimes necessary



Links Mentioned:

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Susan on Twitter @sueweeks

Freebie: The Podcast Launching Kit

Freebie: Using the 12 Week Year with Trello

Book: 12 Week Year

Book: The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months By Brian Moran


Feb 27, 2017

Can we all agree to tear off our Busy Badges and chill out a little.  Life is only as hectic as you make it.  If you find yourself living in constant overwhelm, it’s because you are allowing that to happen.  Let’s all start taking Radical Responsibility for our time and our priorities.  And for goodness sake, stop indulging your ego by telling others how busy you are.  


When I started taking Radical Responsibility for my busyness, I became a LOT less busy.  I was able to slow down and simplify my life in a number of ways.  I no longer wear my Busy Badge.  I tore it off and stomped on it until it was no longer recognizable. 


Here are 7 secrets to help you slow down & simplify:


  1. Meal Plan – do not be a slave to the 4:45pm “what’s for dinner” trap.  Listen in to hear my top tips on how to make meals suuuuper simple forever.


  1. Time Block Chores – stop doing chores everyday.  Yep, I’m giving you permission.  It’s a waste of your time and an energy drain.  Listen in to hear how to do less laundry and less bathroom cleaning (and stop dusting!)


  1. Divide & Conquer – you are not the only capable person in your family or your neighborhood or your children’s school.  Listen it to hear how to enlist help and support.


  1. Social Boundaries – Your kids have social boundaries at school, right.  There is a time for play and a time for work and a time to chill.  You should have the same at home, especially on the weekends.  A go-go-go lifestyle is not good for your kids or for you.  Listen in to hear how to create some rules around your social calendar.   


  1. Stop Over Scheduling – you and your kids don’t need to be involved in everything.  It doesn’t make them more well rounded.  It doesn’t make you more important.  It just makes everyone a little more nutty.  For real.  Stop.  Listen in to hear how to pick and choose activities.


  1. Quality Quiet Time – this is my best secret.  You have to do it.  I promise you’ll thank me. 


  1. Outsource (groceries, yard work, laundry) – free up mental space and create more time and energy by getting help.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Listen in for cheap tips!


If you can follow any of these 7 steps, you will:

  • free up mental space
  • reduce decision fatigue
  • create space for peace and calm
  • model good habits to your kids 
  • tear off your Busy Badge
Feb 20, 2017

Adele inspired me in a million ways at the Grammy’s.  But what touched me most deeply were her comments on motherhood.  


In today’s episode I’ll share more about what Adele said and why it was so important, as well as go in depth as to why we lose ourselves in motherhood.  


I’ll confirm for you that you are KILLING it, even though no one has thanked you in a really long time.  


I will touch on how you do all you do - that you don’t even know you are doing – making you a superhero of the most invincible kind. 


I’ll discuss your supreme and extreme sense of responsibility that no one else in your household can relate to.


I’ll award you with your Masters Degree from Newborn University that you gained overnight, while you were in labor, since everyone else probably forgot to give it to you. 


I’ll give you permission to be more shameless and more selfish #everydamnday


Links Mentioned:

SMA Episode 22: Erin Brown - Letters to Lola


Feb 15, 2017

Scott Colby is an adventure lover who has created businesses around his passions. Although he has spent over a decade in the fitness industry helping people create transformations, it is his love of international travel and thirst for adventure that has led him create his favorite brands - Say It With Gratitude and Unplug and Play Adventures. 


I invited Scott to come on the show because I wanted to talk to him about the power of gratitude in his life and how he has used it to fuel his career.  Scott recently launched Say It With Gratitude, a movement designed to help people have more gratitude and happiness in their lives. It starts with thank you cards, designed by kids impacted by charity. 


Scott’s mission with Say It With Gratitude is powerful.  The impact gratitude is having on his life and on those he serves is profound.  Scott is also quick to clarify that gratitude, while it should be practiced consistently, can be practiced imperfectly.  There are no strict rules or “right” ways to do it.  The power is in doing it in a way that you are reflecting positively on your own life and touching others in a positive way.


Ways to practice Gratitude:

  • Say Thank You out loud and often
  • Appreciate the little things in your daily life
  • Acknowledge what you DO have in rough times
  • Acknowledge people with your words and actions
  • Notice simple pleasures
  • Notice, take in, and appreciate your surroundings
  • Get out in nature
  • Not comparing yourself to others – embrace your unique path and own it
  • Live your life as if everything is a miracle
  • Smile at others and make eye contact
  • Make small talk with strangers
  • Give compliments freely
  • Volunteer
  • Impact on your community


Listen in to hear Scott share:

  • How gratitude can change your life
  • How to practice gratitude in new, simple, easy ways
  • Why we need to resurrect Thank You cards
  • The power or pivoting
  • The magic of asking for help


Make sure to check out Say It With Gratitude and the charities and people Scott is currently working with.  I was particularly touched by Joshua’s story and Be Strong, a charity to fight bullying.  



Links Mentioned:


Scott’s fitness website:

Scott’s Podcast: The Power to Change

Book: Evolved Enterprise By Yanik Silver

Book: Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod

Book: The Gratitude Connection By Amy Collette

Book: Deep work, Rules for Focused Success In A Distracted World By Cal Newport

App: Insight Timer 




Feb 13, 2017

Last weekend Vinnie had two friends overnight for a sleepover.  For 24 hours I played mom to 3 kids.  DAMN.  That is serious business, friends.  


It was a very action packed 24 hours, to say the least.  And at the end of it all, I learned something really valuable about myself and my current life.  I suddenly felt grateful that our IVF experience over the summer had not resulted in a pregnancy.  I saw the simplicity of our current life in a new light.  I fell a little more in love with my life than I have in a long time.  


Over the last week, I have been thinking about what it takes to Fall In Love With Your Life.  It takes a lot, but it also takes very little.  


Listen in to this episode to hear my 6 Steps to Fall In Love With Your Life:


  1. Embrace a Growth mindset
  2. Quite the comparison trap
  3. Practice daily gratitude and wins
  4. Take radical responsibility for your joy
  5. Find the cracks 
  6. Keep your shield up 


It is entirely possible to fall a little more in love with your life every single day – if you choose to do so.  Let these 6 steps be your guide. 


Links Mentioned:

Book: Mindset By Carol Dweck


Feb 8, 2017

Amy Moses is a physical therapist who works exclusively in women’s health with a specialty in pelvic floor physical therapy.  I met Amy a few years ago when she was my pelvic floor PT.  I quickly developed a huge girl crush on Amy, as she made me feel so comfortable at such a vulnerable time in my life.  She helped me heal my body and become stronger as a women and a mom.  


Amy and I dive deep into the world of pelvic floor rehab today – discussing incontinence, pain with sex, and pelvic pain that happens to most women after giving birth (as well as to women who have never given birth!)  Amy is on a mission to normalize these kinds of conversations and to bring pelvic floor rehab to all moms.  


Perhaps the best part of this conversation and Amy and I disclosing our own personal experiences with pelvic floor dysfunction after having babies.  It’s not pretty, friends….  But it’s TOTALLY NORMAL.  I think you’ll get a few good laughs as we share our personal journeys – and perhaps you’ll be able to relate!


Listen in to hear Amy share:


  • The truth about incontinence, pain with sex, and pelvic pain the most of us experience
  • Why understanding this major women’s health issue is critical in the current political landscape
  • How Kegels can make everything worse
  • Why the pad/panty liner industry is making a KILLING off you 
  • What you can expect when you go to pelvic floor physical therapy
  • How to find a pelvic floor PT near you


Links Mentioned:

Amy Moses on Facebook 

Amy Moses at Moye Physical Therapy near Memphis, TN

Directory of Herman Wallace Pelvic Floor PTs 

Directory of Women’s Health PTs


Feb 6, 2017

This week I am celebrating our first 100 Shameless Mom Academy episodes with you.  I am toasting you and thanking you for everything you have taught me over the last 100 episodes.  


Here is want I know:

You are stronger than you ever thought

You are more powerful now than ever

You are a fighter

You are tough, but gentle

You are saying NO more so you can say YES more

You are telling new stories

You are standing up and speaking out

You are speaking more and listening more

You are walking away from shame and owning YOU, all of YOU


Listen in to share some special milestones with me.  


Also, head over to Instagram for our 100th episode giveaway!


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Feb 1, 2017

Holly Rigsby is a Lifestyle Design Coach for Moms over at Over the past 11 years Holly has coached over 29,500 women to become the best version of themselves through her programs and products.  Holly also has two sons, Tyler and Alexander, who inspire her to live in joy (JOI) everyday. 


In this interview, Holly openly and bravely shares how she has found herself at different times in her life unable to find the joy she knew she wanted.  Holly has always worked in service to others – as a teacher, a personal trainer, an online fitness expert to moms, and a mom.  Serving others is extremely rewarding, but it can come at the expense of creating joy for one’s self at times. 


When Holly looks back at her boldest moves in life – to leave her first husband when her son was still very young, to change careers, to make a dramatic shift in her business, she can identify that she makes a move when she is searching for a new level of joy.  This is the inspiration for her most recent professional move, the launching of her Lifestyle Design Coaching programs and creation of her new Everyday Joi community. 


Listen in to hear Holly share:

  • How she has become a sought after leader, even though she never identified as one
  • Why leaving her first husband was an imperative step in finding true joy in all areas of her life
  • How she built a powerful online community for women to “walk side-by-side, encouraging each other” to reach their goals
  • How the traumatic loss of her sister inspired her to make a bold professional change
  • Why the pursuit and acknowledgment of Everyday Joi is essential


Links Mentioned:

Holly’s Website:

Holly on Facebook


Jan 30, 2017

There is so much to say about my Women’s March on Washington experience.  I want to share my story.  I want to share the global impact of this movement.  I want to tell you what it was like to spend 8 hours with over 1 million marchers.  I want to capture it perfectly for you. 


But I cannot. 


It was so big and so impactful, I can’t find all the words.  And you know I’m not one to be at a loss for words…


Because I’m still feeling totally overwhelmed by the magnitude of this event a week later, I asked a few of my March friends to help me explain what it was like to March on Washington.  


Listen in to hear the most memorable moments of the day from 4 of my friends – and some of the raddest women I know. 


Listen in to hear how the logistics of the day played out, from getting off a red eye, to not peeing all day, to marching with Macklemore, to making friends with Trump supporters.  


Then keep listening.


Hear about the haters I’ve encountered this week – the comments and conversations I saw online, and continue to see:


“I don’t really get it.  Women already have the same rights as men.”


“I don’t see how this movement is helping anything.”


“From the news coverage, I just saw a lot of angry women who didn’t have a unifying theme/message.  It didn’t even make sense.”


“I know a lot of really successful women.  No one’s holding women back.”


I’ll tell you what I told the haters – and hopefully you’ll find it useful information that you can share with any haters you encounter.  


From where I sit, I see the largest movement of global solidarity ever.  I see action.  I see power.  I see hope. 


**Special thanks and huge hugs to my friends Dana, Beth, Angela and Christine who shared their March perspectives in this episode.  And thanks to Angela for letting me march with your sign.**


I will not normalize the behavior of this president. 


Links Mentioned:

Article: Racial Gender Wage Gap Persists in US Despite Some Progress

6 year old Sophie Cruz’s speech on YouTube

My March pics on The SMA Facebook page








Jan 25, 2017

Stacy Tuschl started her first business in her parents’ backyard at the age of 18 and turned that company into a 7 figure business.  She is a #1 international bestselling author of, “Is Your Business Worth Saving?”.  In her book, Stacy reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.  Stacy is also the host of the top-rated podcast She’s Building Her Empire. 


Stacy loves her businesses (yes, she has multiple) and is extremely passionate about her work.  She is also madly in love with her two daughters, ages 4 and 17 months.  You could say she’s a little busy.  But, it does not feel like too much.  It feels right.


Stacy is unapologetic in her approach to business and motherhood and where the two collide – or don’t, because she won’t let them. 


Listen in to hear Stacy share:

  • How she built a 7 figure business that started in her parent’s backyard
  • What she did as a 21 year old entrepreneur to connect with other like minded, successful people
  • Why investing in yourself and your business or career, even though risky, is the wisest thing you can do
  • How to make a plan to START if you want to pursue a new goal or dream
  • Why daycare is magic


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Book: The Power of Habit


Jan 23, 2017

I wanted to put out this episode at this exact time because this is about the time that we start to reconsider our New Year Resolutions and/or give them up all together.

I would like to offer an alternative. I would like to give you a PLAN. Just because you don’t knock a goal out of the park immediately does not mean you should put that goal on the back burner.

In fact, the best way to approach a goal is through small steps over time. So, if you have already given up on a health goal for 2017, I’m hear to give you permission to put that goal back on the table. Your goal wants to be met. It wants to be realized. It wants to improve your life. Your goal needs you. 

So let’s get started, together, shall we?

If you’ve been struggling to make fitness stick in the new year, I year you. While there is a lot of hype about fitness in January, it is usually a very transitional month for people, making it challenging to take on new habits and make them stick. LISTEN IN if you need help getting your rear in gear!

4 Tips to making exercise stick

  1. Have an accountability plan
    1. HINT: This can involve any of the following: a calendar, your fridge, your family, your friends, your boss, your co-workers, a sticker chart 
  1. Do something you enjoy
    1. HINT: You won’t always enjoy it in the moment, but you should enjoy the overall experience and the benefits that begin the moment you are done
  1. Tell other people
    1. HINT: Learn how to brag (yes, there is a “right” way)
  1. Be in it for the long haul
    1. HINT: you gotta create some hype around your plan and your plan needs to be evolve-able to keep you engaged for the rest of your life 

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Jan 18, 2017

I’m delighted to have Halley Bock back as a second time guest on The Shameless Mom Academy. She is here today to talk about her new brilliant book, Life, Incorporated.  


A couple years ago, Halley was approached to write a book honing her expertise in organizational leadership.  But, when her personal life started to implode her book took on a different purpose.  She started writing about herself and her story, instead of how she led organizations.  


In Life, Incorporated she shares how she put herself back together and how any person or organization can create a better, more powerful and positive existence by learning to live from the “Inside Out”. 


Listen in to hear Halley share:


  • What happened when her mother fired her as CEO of her company
  • What she learned from looking inward instead of outward for validation and growth
  • What baby steps she took that changed the course of her life and her work
  • The importance of letting go of busyness 
  • What practices can heal your soul so you can truly live a life you love


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Jan 16, 2017

Nothing is as bad as it seems.  Nothing is as great as it seems.


I have been taught this lesson over the years and I needed it this week – a few times.  Life threw me for a few loops this week.  5 loops to be exact.  There was the mold scare, the car scare, the dog scare, my mom’s medical emergency, and Vinnie’s trip to the ER. 


My tendency is to PANIC when I get hit with these curve balls.  While I’m outwardly very calm, internally I am planning for the worst in every way.  I jump to conclusions, let my mind race endlessly, and assume my pretty little life will be irreparably harmed. 


Do you do this?  Please tell me I’m not alone.  


But, here’s the TRUTH…..


Just to the left (or right) of your internal freak out is this:

  • It will all be ok
  • You are strong – phsycially, mentally, emotionally
  • You have a great support network – husband, friends, family, fan club
  • You are resourceful 
  • You are adaptable
  • You are a fighter
  • You are resilient 
  • You will learn from every challenge
  • You will grow from every challenge



Therefore, it is imperative that when faced with a challenge or hardship, you must:

  • Be up for the challenge
  • Be ready to dig deep
  • Be ready to stretch yourself in uncomfortable ways
  • Take the space and time you need 
  • Ask for help 
  • Make concessions 
  • Process



Tune in to hear by 5 crises and how I my perspective saved me from my panic.


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Jan 11, 2017

Pratima met her husband when she was 20, shortly before their arranged marriage in India.  Almost immediately after their wedding, they moved from India to Alabama.  


After 8 years of marriage, Pratima found herself preparing to take her own life.  She could no longer survive in her arranged marriage and she didn’t yet see a way out.  


Out of sheer will and determination to create a different and better life for her daughter, Pratima saved herself. She credits one quote with saving her life, “the darkest hour is before dawn.”  


Pratima got out of her marriage, created a career path for herself, never having worked before, and built a life inspired by words that she kept close to her heart and always visible to her eyes.  


Listen in to hear Pratima share:

  • What life was like inside her arranged marriage
  • The steps she took to start her own life from scratch
  • How she worked her way out of $92,000 of debt in 6 months
  • Where she found inspiration and power on her darkest days
  • What her job with Apple taught her about running her own business
  • The biggest obstacle she sees women facing


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Instagram: @craftstrtdesign


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