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Sara Dean launched the Shameless Mom Academy to help moms lead more positive, powerful and purposeful lives #everydamnday. Sara is an award winning fitness professional, author, speaker, and transformation coach who spent the last 16+ years serving moms in the fields of psychology, sociology, health & wellness. But, it took becoming a mom herself in 2012 to learn that - holy cow - this is hard work, and if you’re not paying attention you can completely lose your own sense of identity while raising babies. Join Sara every Monday and Wednesday as she and her notable guests (such as Gretchen Rubin, Carrie Wilkerson, JJ Virgin, Susan Hyatt, Cathy Heller, Nichole Nordeman, Melanie Shankle, and Jadah Sellner) dig deep into topics like creating the confidence you crave; turn your struggles into strengths, building better boundaries, and tuning into tiny habits that can change your life. Discover how why thousands of moms all over the world are turning to The Shameless Mom Academy to live bigger, bolder, braver lives #everydamnday.
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Jul 5, 2017

Mike Vardy is a writer, productivity strategist, and the founder of Productivityist. He's served as the Managing Editor at Lifehack, and written for 99u, Lifehacker, SUCCESS Magazine, and more. Mike has also spoken at all over North America at events like TEDx Victoria, South by Southwest Interactive, NAPO, and CreativeLIVE.


I met Mike earlier this year when he was speaking at Tropical Think Tank in the Philippines.  We bonded over time management and Legos.  Seriously. 


Mike is going to get you ridiculously excited about organizing your time and make simple life hacks that will create space in your days and weeks. 


Listen in to hear Mike share:

  • Why structure = freedom
  • The true definition of productivity
  • The power of time management for kids
  • What is time crafting and how to do it
  • Why you should THEME your days (vertically and horizontally)
  • The power and joy of a daily journal


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Find Mike and all his resources for Shameless Moms:

Journaling App: Day One

Journaling App: Journey

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Jul 3, 2017

I have a challenge for you.  You ready?  


I want you to start asking yourself these 5 questions every morning.


  1. What will I do for ME today?
  2. What am I grateful for?
  3. How do I want to serve today?
  4. What is one uncomfortable think I need to today to move closer to a goal?
  5. How will I create joy today?


One of the best gifts you can give yourself everyday is a few moments just for YOU first thing in the morning.  This reflective time can happen as you workout, as you journal, as you meditate, or as you shower (seriously, I have the most brilliant thoughts in the shower!)


Starting your day with some intentional focus about how you want to embrace the day not only gives you a strong sense of empowerment and control – it allows you to actually CREATE your day to be whatever you desire.  


You will be amazed by how asking yourself just 5 questions every morning will change the course of your day and, in turn, change the course of your life.  It is really that powerful and magical.  Try me!  



Links Mentioned:

SMA Ep 59: How to Create Your Own  Miracle Morning

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Jun 28, 2017

Jen Lumanlan is the host of the Your Parenting Mojo podcast, which distills scientific research on child development into a format that parents can actually use.  She has done a TON of research on both child development and education, and also recently launched a course called Your Homeschooling Mojo, which helps parents to decide whether homeschooling is right for their family.  


So all that said, a lot of Jen’s friends think it’s pretty ironic that she never thought she would be a parent because she didn’t have an inkling of a motherly instinct in her body.  Jen earned a bachelor’s degrees from U.C. Berkeley and a Master’s of Environmental Management from Yale and spent several years in consulting before realizing that she was way more passionate about being a parent than she ever thought she could be, so she went back to school and got a Master’s in Psychology focused on Child Development and is now working on another in Education.  


She’s still doing a less-rigorous day job while she ramps up the business that she hopes will enable her daughter’s homeschooling.  We’ll talk about what she’s learned from the research she’s read that has helped her to be a better parent but also stop worrying so much about being a better parent and just enjoy life!  We’ll also dig into some of the surprising things she learned about the education system while she was doing her master’s thesis research on what motivates children to learn in the absence of a curriculum.


Listen in to hear Jen share:


  • How and why she uses research to lead her parenting
  • The truth about only children and social skills and intelligence 
  • How she knew homeschooling would be the best decision for her daughter – even though she’s not school age yet
  • Why our current education system is not meeting the needs of our kids
  • The myths (and truths) of homeschooling  and homeschooling stereotypes
  • Why homeschooling is becoming more popular, especially among black families


Links Mentioned:


Podcast: The Your Parenting Mojo podcast - research-based ideas to help kids thrive (and make parenting a bit easier!)

Course: The Your Homeschooling Mojo course - helping people who are interested in homeschooling figure out whether (and how) they can actually do it.  Use the code SHAMELESS20 to save $20 on your course purchase. 

Interview/Book: How to talk so little kids will listen: Jen’s Interview with Julie King / Book 

Interview/Book: It’s Not About The Broccoli: Jen’s Interview with Dina Rose / Book 

Podcast Episode: Only Children – Are They As Bad As advertised?

Podcast Episode: Parenting: All Joy and No Fun?

Article: We Don’t Need No Education by Ben Hewitt

Book: Class Dismissed by Meredith Maran

Book: Child of Mine: Feeding With Love and Good Sense by Ellen Satter

Twitter: @akidisforlife


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Jun 26, 2017

Last week I woke to a Facebook memory from 8 years ago that totally threw me for a loop.  This memory was a video of me teaching boot camp in a park in Seattle.  I was immediately taken back to that time – when I was so excited and so nervous as I tried to sell spots in my little program that no one had heard of.  


Fast forward 8 years and I have accomplished so many tings I never though possible - from owning an award winning gym to having a baby to launching a successful podcast.  


So, here’s what really hit home for me a few hours after seeing that FB memory… If the last 8 years are any indication, SO MANY exciting, fun, terrifying, challenging, glorious unknown things are going to happen in my life in the next 8 years.  


This got me really pumped up for the next 8 years.  


Ok, your turn… I want you to think about a specific memory from 8 years ago.  

  • Where were you?  
  • Who were you with? 
  • What were you doing? 
  • How did you feel about it? 


Then play back everything that has happened since then.  Look at everything you have accomplished, earned, and learned since then.  You are not the same person as you were then.  


With what you know now, how will you make the next 8 years count?  How will you push yourself?  How will you grow and thrive?  


Here are some of my suggestions to keep you motivated for the next 8 years – addressed more deeply in the episode, of course!


  1. Take risks
  2. Connect with those who have gone before you
  3. Work with a coach or therapist
  4. Ask for support at home
  5. Be the person you want to be even if you’re not her yet


Links Mentioned:

SMA Episode 13: How To Be A Better Stalker and FanGirl with Lewis Howes

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Jun 21, 2017

Jadah Sellner is an author, international keynote speaker, poet, and the creator of the Mentorship Lab™ & Build Your Challenge™ at

Since 2009, Jadah has started 3 businesses (including one brick and mortar) and now helps creative CEO’s, visionary entrepreneurs, and social change companies build communities with love, so that you can connect to your bigger vision, reach more people, support your family, and grow your income while NOT adding more work for you.

(You may also know her from her work as co-founder and co-author of Simple Green Smoothies, which has been featured on The Doctors TV show, Oprah's O Magazine, Target and the Wall Street Journal.)

When Jadah’s not helping world changers build their tribes with the Love Over Metrics™ movement, you can catch her reading Shel Silverstein poems at the dinner table. She lives in the San Francisco bay area with her husband, daughter, and their little “chiweenie” dog, Clementine.


Jadah is someone I have admired since hearing her on a podcast interview a couple years ago.  I was immediately drawn to her story and her calm, warm energy.  While soft in nature, Jadah is a strong, persistent and powerful in her work.  She embraces all aspects of entrepreneurship while constantly seeking opportunities to serve women in a deeper way.  


Listen in to hear Jadah share:

  • The specific steps you can take to discover your passions 
  • Why you need to start dating yourself – and how to do it
  • How to change course without risking it all
  • Why you have to be ok with not-so-sexy transitions
  • How to unhook your self worth from the outcomes in your life


Links Mentioned:

More about Jadah:

Work with Jadah:

Jadah on Facebook:

Jadah on Instagram:

Jadah on Twitter:

Book: Simple Green Smoothies 

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Jun 19, 2017

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that maaaaaybe you have put too much time into planning summer for your kids and family and not enough time into planning summer for YOU.  Am I right?!?


I want you to love your summer. Like really LOVE it.  I want you to cherish time that is only for you.  I want you to OWN your space this summer.  Can we do that together?  I promise to make it simple and enjoyable!


I want to look at 4 areas you might consider when it comes to taking care of YOU this summer:


  • How will you move?
  • How will you fuel yourself?
  • How will you create down time?
  • How will you create fun?


Listen in to learn creative ways to stay consistent in your summer self care through some simple tricks and tactics.  I’ll share ideas on how to keep exercise short & sweet, how to enjoy the best summer fuel without feeling guilty about an summer indulgences, and how to create time that is just for you to enjoy the season doing what YOU want to do (read: not chasing kids around a pool!)


Links Mentioned:

SMA interview with Jill Coleman: How to Eat Every Damn Day

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Jun 14, 2017

Married for 23 years, with 4 children, Kori Reed and Mike Becker are on a mission to “Reimagine family stereotypes so that all modern families can thrive.”


They are so committed to this mission that they wrote a book about it - Zag Zig Parenting: (Mis)Adventures of a Career-Driven Mom and a Stay-at-Home Dad


ZagZig Parenting invites you to explore a married couple’s contemporary perspective on parenting through comical vignettes that share their differences, struggles and mistakes. 


Written by Kori, a career-driven mom of four children, with commentary from Mike, a twenty-year, at-home dad, this book shows work-life integration from a different lens, and creates a positive environment to reimagine the family framework.


These vulnerable stories about life as a non-traditional family aim to paint a picture of everyday chaos provide comic relief and permit parents to thrive as they embrace their perceived shortcomings in the context of work-family flow. Parenting issues don’t discriminate. 


Listen in to hear Kori and Mike share:


  • How Mike and Kori both started defying traditional gender roles at the age of 16
  • How parents with two very different personality types can successfully find their parenting groove
  • What family management looks like for a stay-at-home dad and career driven mom
  • The power and purpose of therapy 
  • How a Kori learned to juggle being a present parent and career focused mom
  • What Mike loved about staying home with 4 kids over the course of 20 years
  • Mike’s biggest parenting secret when it comes to minimizing overwhelm and chaos


Links Mentioned:

Find Kori and Mike here:

But the book here: Zag Zig Parenting on Amazon

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Jun 12, 2017

After recording last week’s episode I realized I made a mistake.  I told you all about Summer Bucket Lists and then I quickly added that since Vinnie is in full time childcare this summer, we didn’t need a Bucket List.  


That was dumb. 


Very dumb. 


We actually DO need a Bucket List this summer.  Two in fact.  


Listen into hear how I came to this realization moments after finishing last weeks’ episode.  I’ll share exactly how we created a Family Summer Bucket List and how I created my very own Mommy Summer Bucket List.  


This one little project has me so pumped up for summer.  I highly recommend you do it too.  I give a lot of helpful pointers in the episode, so you can make your Bucket Lists 100% relevant to all your hopes and dreams for Summer 2017. 


You’ll learn:

  • Why you and your family need separate Bucket Lists
  • What areas/ideas you might want to cover on your Bucket List
  • How to get crafty with your Bucket List
  • Parameters for play vis work on your Bucket List
  • How creating a Bucket List is different than goal setting
  • How to make your Bucket List about YOU, not them!


Links Mentioned:

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Jun 7, 2017

After graduating at the top of her MBA class and landing an interesting job, Barb Anderson suddenly found herself staring directly in the face of every parent's worst nightmare when her 18-month old son, Jude, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. With this diagnosis, Barb was thrown into her new role as a "Momcologist," a position where she serves as chief advocate, medical officer and public relations expert for her family. 


Jude's journey has defied all odds, surviving three relapses, two bone marrow transplants and travel across the United States for groundbreaking clinical trials. He is now approaching six months after his second bone marrow transplant  (for which Barb was the donor) and recovering well.


Barb loves living in the kind, vibrant city of Tucson, Arizona with her husband, Aidan, Jude and younger son, Finn. When not serving as a Momcologist, Barb loves to cook, drink wine, brew kombucha, and connect with friends & family. She is a double graduate of the University of Arizona with an undergraduate degree in Marketing and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. 


I asked Barb to come on the show to talk about her story as a momcologist.  She is going to walk us through the last 3 years of her life since Jude was diagnosed with Leukemia at just 18 months old. 


Listen in to hear Barb share:

  • How Jude was diagnosed 
  • What life looks like with the ups and downs of pediatric cancer
  • What kind of emotional turmoil remains even when the cancer is gone
  • What it’s like to raise a sibling of a child with pediatric cancer
  • What NOT to say (or send) to people fighting cancer
  • The alarmingly low research funding that supports pediatric cancer


Links Mentioned:

Jude’s Man and Woman of the Year Leukemia and Lymphoma Donation Page 

Team Jude inspirational merchandise order form     

Book: The Emperor of Maladies 

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Jun 5, 2017

If you find yourself easily disappointed or frustrated by relationships and/or situations in your life, it’s time to take some #radicalresponsibility, friends.  


You create your own experiences, for better or worse.  You have more power than you think.  Cause, let’s be honest, you’re a badass.  


But even the baddest of asses hits a rough spot every now & then, right??  


Here are a few tips to help you manage expectations:


  • Assume nothing
  • Create win/wins
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate, and then communicate some more
  • Be assertive (not aggressive)
  • Set boundaries
  • Expect hiccups


When you put these practices in place, you will be able to much more accurately create the exact experiences you desire.  You will also open the door for the people around you to do the same.  Win/Win!!!


This is especially valuable and helpful as we enter summer.  What do you really want this summer?  How are you going to get it?  It’s up to YOU.  


Links Mentioned:

SMA Ep 8 with Lori Kennedy: Is Work/Life Balance Possible?

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May 31, 2017

Sage B Hobbs is the author of Naked Communication.  Sage spent more than ten years in counseling, education, and community outreach.  Her work has spanned diverse communities, from public schools to a residential treatment program for teens.  Her experience ranges widely, including life transitions, personal empowerment, work/life balance, education, family dynamics, youth behavior, fertility struggles, cancer recovery, and more.

When not geeking out on coaching and business development, Sage can be found playing in the mountains with her adorable children and husband, on her yoga mat, or talking at length with a girlfriend.


This was such a fun conversation.  Two minutes into my conversation with Sage I felt like we had known each other for years.  You’ll hear this throughout the conversation as we piggy back off each others thoughts.  How interesting to have such a great connection when talking to someone about CONNECTION! 


Sage is helping women show up, well, more naked.  Before you panic, know that Naked Communication will mean different things to different women.  But, embracing some of Sage’s philosophies and practices will really empower you to be more strong, powerful and capable in your conversations and your connections. 


Listen in to hear Sage share:

  • What Naked Communication means and why you more of need it
  • Why the goal of every interaction should be connection (and how to make that happen)
  • The power of mental flexibility and how to make it a game
  • The truth about forgiveness and why it’s for YOU, not someone else
  • The steps to a powerful and productive apology
  • How to have One minute moments of courage that can transform your life and conversations
  • How to pushing yourself can actually alleviate anxiety
  • Why Ah-Ha moments are never really ah-ha moments


Links Mentioned:

* Website:

* Book: Naked Communication by Sage B Hobbs

* The ASK Formula Cheat Sheet:  How to ask for what you want... and get it.

* Learn about your own communication styles and patterns with free book chapters at

* Sage on Facebook

* Sage on Instagram 

* Sponsor: (use code SMA30 for a free 30 day trial)








May 29, 2017

I very unexpectedly ended up on crutches last week.  Although, I guess it’s rare that anyone plans to be on crutches….


In any case, crutches were NOT in my plan as I trained for an upcoming 10K or planned a trip to the beach for the holiday weekend.  


But, I fell on my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night (#41goingon86) and badly sprained my ankle.  I spent the night at the ER – like the overnight – from 2:30-7:30am on a Saturday night - the best time to land one’s self at the ER, right?  


I came home totally cool with my prognosis: no break (phew!!!), but a bad sprain, crutches for the foreseeable future, no weight bearing until I can get in to the orthopedist.  


There is a time in my life – ok MOST of my life – that this whole turn of events would have sent me into a massive tailspin.  I’m not one to live life spontaneously or embrace roadblocks.  I like control.  Like, all. the. time. 


I have done a lot of work on myself in the last few years – work that allows me to take life in stride, even though that is not my nature.  This work has pushed me to live my life in a Growth Mindset – seeing opportunity at every turn – even when I’m on my bedroom floor, screaming, in the fetal position, and about to barf because I’m sure I’ve broken my ankle in the middle of the night.  


Listen in to this episode to hear how YOU can adopt a Growth Mindset and get rid of your Fixed Mindset tendencies that might be holding you back.  I share 7 different practices and mindset examples that illustrate the difference between a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset.  


Understanding how to embrace a Growth Mindset will change everything about your life – from the way you parent (I give you some great examples) to the way you follow your professional ambitions.  This is good stuff, friends. 


Links Mentioned:

Book: Mindset by Carol Dweck

Sponsor: (use code SMA30 for a free 30 day trial)

May 24, 2017

Lauren is on a mission to bring inclusivity and empathy to the forefront of fitness and health. She co-owns and operates Achieve Fitness in Boston with her husband, Jason, where they work daily to fulfill that mission. Lauren has been a personal trainer and strength coach for over 10 years, and she draws on her own past battle with body dysmorphic disorder to relate to and help others who may be going through similar struggles. When Lauren's not at the gym, she can be found spending time with her dog, Diesel, playing football, or relaxing on the beach in Cape Cod.


Lauren wrote an article on her experience with Body Dysmorphic Disorder a few months ago and I was just blown away by her honesty and openness with her experience.  I would venture to guess that most women have had body image struggles at one time or another.  In Lauren’s experience, her struggles became pervasive and paralyzing.  


I found myself able to relate to Lauren’s story in many ways.  If you’ve ever struggled with body image, eating disorders and/or disordered eating, I think you’ll be inspired by Lauren’s journey.  


Listen in to hear Lauren share:


  • What daily life is like with BDD 
  • How she was paralyzed by BDD and her weight even though she was never actually overweight
  • Why it is so hard for people with BDD and body image struggles to talk openly about it
  • How sharing her story was a crucial part of her healing
  • Her recommendations to other women who are struggling (…and why she doesn’t give advice) 
  • How she wants to revolutionize the gym experience for women and marginalized populations



Links Mentioned: 

Achieve Fitness website:

Personal website:

Facebook (business):

Facebook (personal):

Instagram (business):

Instagram (personal):

Lauren’s blog post: My Experience with Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Depression

Book: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

Book: The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder by Katharine A. Phillips

Website: (an awesome resource that provides you with professionals as well as groups and programs based on your geographical location.)

Sponsor: (use code SMA30 for a free 30 day trial)


May 22, 2017

By now you have heard me share all about how motherhood knocked me on my butt – BIG TIME.  It took me longer than I like to admit to adjust to my new life as a mom and to resolve myself to the idea that I would never get my old life back.  


My old life wasn’t really any better than my new mommy life (except for there was more time for sleep and wine) – but my old life was a life of predictability and all things KNOWN.  So, basically the opposite of motherhood. 


Over the last few years, I have been able to see how one rebuilds their identity – because I rebuilt mine.  The coolest part of the journey is that one the other side of the fear of the unknown is power and strength I didn’t know I had.  


Listen in to learn The 4 Cs of (Re)Building Your Identity:

  1. Character
  2. Courage
  3. Collaboration
  4. Confidence


Walking through these 4 areas will give you the direction you need to build a life you love without feeling overwhelmed (and/or terrified…)


Links Mentioned:

SMA Episode 69: How to Be A Nasty Woman

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May 17, 2017

Tay & Val are the spiritual consultants and soul mentors that  executive coaches of Fortune 500s and founders of multimillion-dollar public companies go to, to answer their "What's Next?" question. Everything they do is grounded in the intention to help you lead your best life. 


Award-winning filmmakers, Tay and Val left successful media careers, closed their production company, wrapped work on their nationally televised television series P.S. I’m Sorry, and set off to travel the world by bicycle for a documentary project to inspire dreams. Six years, three continents, more than 400 public talks and national radio and TV appearances (in twelve countries), and 2 TEDx talks later, Tay and Val settled in the Pacific Northwest as City Artists of Seattle. Committed to helping visionary leaders meet their call to greatness with clear-eyed vision, groundedness, and deep trust - they work with leaders and businesses around the globe who hear the call to rise and say yes. 


More recently, their work has also appeared on Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and Thrive Global. They are also co-founders of M Meditation. Their signature program, Propel Your Purpose, sherpas a soulful tribe of multipassionate, multitalented, and multifaceted millennials (at heart) to bring their whole selves to the table, create a thriving life, and make the impact you’ve always envisioned for yourself and the world.


Listen in to hear Tay n Val share:

  • Why they left their award winning careers to journey the world on bikes
  • How one man’s dream changed their dreams forever
  • The power of their pivotal question, “What’s Your Dream?”
  • How an 8 year old girl helped us define our #soulpurpose and set us on a path aligned to it
  • The surprising (and enlightening!) thing Moms around the world shared with us, that shifted our guilt for being the daughters who left home to live our dreams


Links Mentioned:

Discover your #soulpurpose:

Video: How 2 Ordinary Girls Chose To Be Extraordinary

Video: Tay & Val TEDx talk

Tay & Val on Facebook 

Sponsor: (use code SMA30 for a free 30 day trial)


May 15, 2017

Today I’m going to give you my Bloomsday Race Report and share my weakness – The Messy Middle…

Whenever I set out out to accomplish something I start out 100% inspired, motivated, excited, strong, powerful, eager, peppy, spirited – and eagerly anticipating success.

Then I get about 60 % toward my goal and I CRASH.

This is where things get uncomfortable, uncertain, not-so-strong, less powerful, way less motivating, uncertain and ugly. I often feel self doubt, fear, and negative self talk.

Welcome to the Messy Middle. Have you ever been???

Once I push through the Messy Middle I once again feel optimism, motivation, excitement - all those initial feelings come flooding back. I feel powerful as I approach my finish line or deadline.

When you’re in that Messy Middle, you want to BAIL. Maybe you actually do bail sometimes. I know I have.

Listen in to hear the strategies I use to take control of my Messy Middle and reach my goals (including my Messy Middle at Bloomsday last weekend). These are simple things that will take you far.

The Messy Middle is where you will make something of your goals and dreams OR where you will lay them down to die. The choice is yours. Understand the power of that decision.

You can do anything – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do anything. It’s never easy. It’s rarely pretty. But it’s always worth it.

Lastly, SHOUT OUT to the Bethany and Katie, the mamas in the photo for this episode. They were the best Bloomsday running buddies!

Links Mentioned:
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May 10, 2017

Melissa DaSilva is a clinical social worker and founder of the group practice East Coast Mental Wellness in Providence, RI. She serves as an individual and couples therapist, as well as a group facilitator. She has spent many years working in schools as a school social worker and has an upcoming podcast titled Pride Connections.


Melissa is an expert in the field of transgender topics, and works with many trans and nonbinary youth to provide support throughout their transition. She collaborates with outside providers to ensure comprehensive care for those who wish to pursue physical transition. Melissa enjoys working with clients on LGBTQ topics, academic issues, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders. She also has experience supporting clients with anxiety, depression, and life transitions. Her practice is welcoming towards all genders and sexualities, as well as poly and kink couples. She uses a variety of approaches in her therapy including pet therapy, meditation, and places a lot of focus on sleep and nutritional health. When Melissa isn't running her business she is creating art and selling it at local markets. 


Listen in to hear Melissa share:

  • What all the letters mean in LGBTQQIA (they are all different and all important)
  • What the terms cisgender, non-binary, gender-expansive and gender fluid mean
  • The difference between sex and gender
  • How to talk to explain sexual orientation and gender to kids in very simple terms
  • How can you and your family be supportive of LGBTQQIA children
  • How to can you be supportive if you suspect your child might be LGBTQQIA
  • How to ask someone about their sexual orientation and/or gender expression
  • How to use gender pronouns correctly and appropriately


Links Mentioned:

Podcast Website:

Private Practice Website:

Melissa’s Email:


May 8, 2017

Change is the WORST.  Or at least that’s what I used to tell myself – for like 30 years.


After becoming a mom I spent a full year feeling completely run over by all the change and unpredictability of my new mommy life.  I kept wait for everything to “go back to normal.”


As you can guess – that never happened.  


I had to resolve myself to the constant change that is motherhood.  


As someone who thrives on routine and predictability, that was a tough pill to swallow.  But then I looked at some of ways I had embraced change in other areas of my life over the last 10 years and I was able to slooooooowly start embracing motherhood and change in a new and more positive light.  


Before I tell you how to get over your fear of change, let me help you understand why you’re afraid of change:


  1. The known is always more comfortable than the unknown
  2. We live in a fear based culture – so we’re programmed to be afraid of what we do not yet know
  3. We like consistency, predictability and control
  4. We’re scared of failure, mistakes, and of wasting our time and energy


And now – the good stuff - how to get over your fear of change:

  1. Recognize that you are already in constant flux and transition
  2. Consider change an opportunity for a “software upgrade”
  3. Know there will be moments of panic and doubt and possibly a sense of complete failure and/or regret
  4. Know that practicing and embracing change makes it feel less burdensome
  5. Understand that the best way to conquer fear and anxiety is to prove to yourself you CAN do the things you are afraid of
  6. change is not bad – it’s just different


Links Mentioned:

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May 3, 2017

Tracey and Joanne are mothers and sisters who are living the healthiest, happiest life possible.  Together they created Sistermixin’ to improve their families health and spread the word of their life changing discoveries. 


They are on a mission to share how you can improve your health and your life by removing toxic additives and preservatives from your diet. 


Their mission all started when Joana’s young daughter was having significant health and behavior issues.  Desperate for answers and willing to try anything, Jo removed additives from her daughter’s diet and saw her daughter change before her very eyes.  


Shortly after this life changing discovery, Joana shared her tips with Tracey and they have never looked back. 


Listen in to hear Tracey and Jo share:


  • How Jo was able to completely change her daughter’s health and behavior by changing her diet
  • What kinds of preservatives your kids are eating that you don’t know are harmful
  • What to look for when reading food labels
  • What additives should be most avoided
  • The truth about food dyes and MSG (and how they are hidden everywhere…)
  • Simple steps to get started with additive free eating 
  • How to support your child’s special eating habits in social settings


Links Mentioned:


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Study: Southhampton Study of Food Dyes and Hyperactivity in Children

Course: Additive Free Made Easy

Food App:

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May 1, 2017

I think one of the hardest parts of motherhood is all. the. things.  


I don’t mean physical things – although there is SO MUCH STUFF.  Everywhere.  Books, legos, art, clothes, balls, more legos, petrified snacks…


But I’m talking more about all the things you need to keep track of on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.  Your brain is constantly firing in multiple directions and that makes it hard to actually forge a path in any one direction for any length of time.  


I think this is why we often feel so stuck.


We intend to be really productive, but we get distracted or sucked into something unexpected and our best laid plans fall to the way side.  Over and over and over.  To the point that we don’t even remember what are best laid plans were….


On a small scale this happens every time we get interrupted by a text or we open out inbox.  On a larger scale, this happens when we don’t have built in #tinyhabits to create space in our lives and our heads daily. 


In this episode I’ll share 5 quick and simple #tinyhabits that will give you energy and help you create the MOMENTUM you need to move forward in any area of your life you choose!


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Apr 26, 2017

Melissa Fox Lehman (layman) is the CEO and co-founder of Pogo Rides. For the last 15 years, she’s been helping Fortune 50 companies and nonprofits develop strategy and roll-out global programs. She loves developing actionable strategy and seeing those strategies brought to life. When she became a mom she knew she wanted to focus her energies on building something to make life easier for busy parents. This was the genesis for Pogo.


Melissa and her team are committed to helping families find safe and flexible transportation for their school-age children. As a mother of two, she understands the logistical challenges faced by busy parents of busy kids and believes in the power of communities to help each other live fuller and less stressful lives. Safety, community, and ease are the core tenants of Pogo Rides.


I wanted to have Melissa on the show to talk about how her view of work changed after she had kids.  She very consciously chose to shift directions and build a business that could support other families.  Her professional mission has evolved right along side her path in motherhood, as I think often happens.  


Listen in to hear Melissa share:

  • The power of sharing in your community  
  • Why it’s ok to outsource duties
  • Why asking for support helps you and your community
  • How we can create a lot more win/win opportunities among our neighbors
  • How to revolutionize your carpool network


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Melissa’s Email:

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Apr 24, 2017

Ok, I’ll admit it… I was hard on myself last week.  HARD.  


I have a lot going on and I let it get to my head.  Sometimes when we have too many things going on we feel we’re not doing any one thing really well.  That was me.  Just feeling all sorts of mediocre… AND super frazzled.


I had a pity party.  I even invited a few people to join me.  Luckily, they were kind and helped me get out of my head.  I also practiced KINDNESS toward myself.  


Being kind to yourself is important.  No, it is crucial.  Especially when things are chaotic, frantic, overwhelming…


Here are 5 ways to be more kind to yourself when the going gets tough:


  1. Practice personal development, even if just for a few minutes
  2. Create ME time – especially when you don’t think you have it
  3. Catch yourself as you’re falling
  4. Move – sweat, if possible
  5. Ask for help


Links Mentioned:

Book: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

Book: Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

Book: The Desire Map By Danielle LaPorte

Book: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Book: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

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Apr 18, 2017

Amy Lang is a childhood sexuality expert and parent educator who helps parents talk to their kids about sex and sexuality.  Her engaging, humorous and inspiring style shows parents how to turn conversations they dread into something they look forward to and embrace whole-heartedly. Though her business, Birds + Bees + Kids® Amy helps parents of all beliefs have easy, open and effective conversations about sex with their kids. She is the author of Birds + Bees + YOUR Kids - A Guide To Sharing Your Beliefs About Sexuality, Love and Relationships and Dating Smarts – What Every Teen Needs To Know To Date, Relate Or Wait. Amy has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post Live and Learn more about her work at 


I have been dying to get Amy on the show for awhile now because I knew there might be things I was already behind on in talking to my 4 year old about sexuality.  In this interview, Amy helped me get my ducks in a row and she’ll help you too!  


Listen in to hear Amy share:

  1. How her discomfort in talking to her own 4 year old about sexuality catapulted her into a career as a childhood sex expert
  2. At what age you should be talking to your kids about sex and sexuality (hint: NOW)
  3. Why talking to your kids about sex includes talking to them about masturbation (especially girls)
  4. How you can become more comfortable and less awkward as you venture into territory that might be uncomfortable for you
  5. The reality of why were seeing more sexualized behavior and mature dress in younger children and how you can protect your child
  6. The 3 ways you can protect your kids from sexual abuse
  7. Where Radical Responsibility comes into play with parenting and how to find your boundaries between being the parent and being accepted by other parents


Links Mentioned:

Amy’s Website:

Birds+Bees+Kids on Facebook

Book: It’s Not the Stork

App: (use code SMA30 for free 30 day trial!)


Apr 17, 2017

The truth about failure:


Failure does not have to suck.  In fact, it is 100% possible to WIN while failing.  As with most things, it’s all a matter of perspective.  


I firmly believe you should fail often and fail fast.  That is how you open more doors to see all the possibilities that lie ahead.  


Listen in to learn:

  • Why failure can make goals seem less attainable
  • Why failure makes creates FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)
  • How failure can lead to self sabotage


Then learn my top tips in failing:

  • Fail often
  • Expect hiccups
  • Be ready to pivot
  • ID #tinywins
  • Silver linings
  • Model failure to your kids


Failure is not a loss.  It’s an opportunity.  


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Shameless Mom MOMENTUM Mastermind:


Apr 12, 2017

Shasta Nelson, M.Div., is the Founder of, a women’s friendship learning community. Her spirited and soulful voice for strong female relationships can be found in her books Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness and Friendships Don’t Just Happen! The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of GirlFriendsShe also writes at and in the Huffington Post, speaks across the country, and is a friendship expert in the media appearing on such shows as Katie Couric and the Today Show. 


Shasta is a 10 year Friendship Expert.  She knows all the research on friendships – and on loneliness, which is plaguing us even though we are more virtually connected than ever before.  Shasta is joining us in The Shameless Mom Academy to share the keys to building friendships and sustaining friendships, which can be a challenge in motherhood.  Yes, your time is limited, but the truth is you friendships have never been more crucial. 


Listen in to hear Shasta share:


  • The 3 S’s of a satisfying friendship
  • Why it is essential that we feel loved, known, and supported
  • The epidemic of loneliness that doctors are saying is the biggest health epidemic of our time
  • How our relationship with our spouse is different that our relationships with girlfriends – and why you need BOTH
  • The power of modeling friendship to your children and how to make sure boys are especially aware of the power and necessity of friendship
  • The 3 requirements that must be present for a healthy friendship


Links Mentioned:

Join Shasta: 

Resource: Frientimacy Quiz

Book: Frientimacy: How to Deepen Friendships for Lifelong Health and Happiness 

Book: Friendships Don’t Just Happen! The Guide to Creating a Meaningful Circle of GirlFriends


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