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Sara Dean launched the Shameless Mom Academy to help moms lead more positive, powerful and purposeful lives #everydamnday. Sara is an award winning fitness professional, author, speaker, and transformation coach who spent the last 16+ years serving moms in the fields of psychology, sociology, health & wellness. But, it took becoming a mom herself in 2012 to learn that - holy cow - this is hard work, and if you’re not paying attention you can completely lose your own sense of identity while raising babies. Join Sara every Monday and Wednesday as she and her notable guests dig deep into topics like creating the confidence you crave; turn your struggles into strengths, building better boundaries, and tuning into tiny habits that can change your life. Discover how why thousands of moms all over the world are turning to The Shameless Mom Academy to live bigger, bolder, braver lives #everydamnday.
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Dec 28, 2016

Elizabeth DiAlto is known for her raw, honest and grounded approach to self-help and spirituality, She is the founder of the Wild Soul Movement, author of Untame Yourself, and host of the popular Untame The Wild Soul podcast. She’s been a teacher, leader, speaker, coach and trainer to groups and individuals for 13+ years and she also consults organizations ranging from start ups to large corporations such as Dove UK.


Elizabeth and I met through our work in the fitness industry.  However, she left the fitness industry a few years ago to untame her wild soul and, ultimately, an entire new life for herself.  I was so excited to reconnect with her and hear how she made the transition between career paths, and interpersonal relationships, and how she started living a life that was much more authentically hers. 


Listen in to hear Elizabeth share: 

  • Why it’s important to work IN, rather than work OUT
  • What YES feels like in your body, what NO feels like in your body – and how to start uncovering the truth that lies in your gut
  • The difference between the masculine arts & feminine arts and where you fit
  • Why it’s ok to change your mind and be inconsistent
  • How everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you


Links Mentioned:

Book: Awakening Shakti

Book/Cards: Ask your Guides 

Book: Outrageous Openness

Free Resources:

Podcast: Untame the Wild Soul 


Dec 26, 2016

You can look back on 2016 as the BEST year or the WORST year.  If you choose to look back on it as the BEST year, you get to own every amazing experience you had – the moments when you pushed your limits, reached a new high, felt magic, saw beauty, learned something new, had a shift in perspective, totally rocked a challenge, modeled strength to your kid(s), and felt power in your core being.  


If you choose to look at 2016 as the WORST year (as I see a lot of people doing on social media), you negate and dismiss everything above.  You walk away from an entire year of your life in defeat, without power.  


I get it – 2016 threw us for a loop.  A big effing loop.  I’m right there with you.  My year did not go as planned.  I’m not pregnant right now.  Our next president will not embody a single value of mine.  I see pain and suffering at every turn, nationally and internationally.  


BUT – I did a lot of great things this year.  So did you.  I grew this year.  So did you.  I found silver linings that I never even thought to look for.  You can too.  I am better for 2016.  So are you. 


Let’s celebrate everything 2016 was to us.  Let’s have a freakin' party.  Let’s own the heck out of our wins.  I deserve that.  You deserve that.  


Cheers to a BIG year of challenges and growth and newfound strength & pride.  Let’s carry all of this forward into 2017, shall we?  We ROCK.  Every damn day.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 


Tune in to hear my biggest wins of the year, in spite of some of the biggest losses of my life.  


Dec 21, 2016

Elise is a high conflict divorce attorney who also has her own divorce story.  Elise’s divorce involved Hurricane Katrina, multiple moves around the country, and, ultimately, a co-parenting plan where she lives with her kids and new husband in Seattle and her ex-husband comes out to visit and live with them one week each month.  


After working through her own divorce, Elise decided to dedicate her law practice to helping other families thrive through divorce.  Listen in to hear Elise share:


  • The biggest mistakes most lawyers make in representing people in divorce
  • The power and advantages to mediation
  • How to stay out of court, save a ton of money, and get what is truly best for your children
  • What true co-parenting looks like
  • The truth - you can be a horrible spouse and a great parent


Links Mentioned:


Book: The Co Parent Handbook, by Karen Bonnell

Book: Sisters in law: How Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World

Blog: (Lagniappe)



Dec 19, 2016

I recently had 2 People Pleaser relapses.  One was just for a day.  One was for a couple months.  Why is it so hard to stop pleasing all. the. people???


I know that as an Upholder (see article below), being a people pleaser may well be something I always struggle with.  But, even if it’s a life long challenge, I will kick off 2017 recognizing where I fell short in 2016.  I will recognize what I lost by prioritizing other peoples’ needs before my own.  


In 2017 I will:

  • Say NO more
  • Say YES less
  • Stand up for myself
  • Tune in to my body and really listen
  • Push myself to keep firm boundaries around my time, money, space, goals
  • Start following my intuition in terms of where I really want to go in life over the next few years


What will you do to really listen to yourself and your needs as you prepare to enter a new year?


Links Mentioned:

Article: The Four Tendencies – What Kind of Person Are You?, by Gretchen Rubin

Dec 14, 2016

Nikki Closser is a Seattle and Michigan based photographer and a new mom.  She is madly in love with her work and with her baby.  Nikki always knew she would be a working mom. She knew her passion for her work would not diminish in motherhood.  However, she didn’t expect her passion for motherhood to be so strong.  She admits that while she loves her work, motherhood is magical, and she doesn’t know why she put it off for so long.


Nikki’s work photographing women is phenomenal.  I had the immense pleasure of doing a shoot with her about a year ago and felt an immediate connection to her and everything she stands for in womanhood, entrepreneurship and motherhood (even though she was only a few months pregnant when we met).  She also might love wine as much as me – so we’re basically soul mates. 


The way Nikki reaches women through photography is breathtaking.  Every woman she works with is made to feel like a true supermodel.  Nikki is kind and gentle, but assertive and confident in her work, putting women at ease the moment they enter her studio.  Doing a shoot with her is an amazing life experience I would recommend to any woman. 


Listen in to hear Nikki share:


  • Here first Mama Bear moment – just seconds after her son was born
  • How she and her husband envisioned and created a travel lifestyle with Van
  • How she dives deep into work and into motherhood – but doesn’t let the two converge    
  • What she sees through her lens as she photographs a woman
  • Why she thinks every woman deserves a lavish photoshoot and gorgeous photos of themselves


Links Mentioned:

Nikki Closser:

Sue Bryce:

Nikki on Facebook

Nikki on Instagram

Book: Monique in the Mango Rains

SMA Ep 54: Rebecca Michi Children’s Sleep Consultant


Dec 12, 2016

It is human nature to keep doing the things we’ve done most recently and most frequently. 

  • Showering daily
  • Drinking coffee
  • Getting in a workout
  • Indulging in sugar
  • Drinking that big ass glass of wine


As you build new habits, the same holds true.  If you starting getting up early to workout, once you’ve done it a few times (made it recent & frequent), you’re much more likely to keep doing it.  


When you are conscious of the concept of recency & frequency, you can really prove your power in establishing new habits.  This can be extremely liberating and assist you in building momentum and confidence with new habits and routines.   


To improve the recency & frequency of desired behaviors, habits and routines, you can (and should):


  • Plan behaviors
  • Track behaviors as you do them
  • Track wins
  • Plan rewards
  • Self Monitor
  • Always practice discomfort


Listen in to hear how to implement all this and use it in the final weeks of 2016 and as you cruise into 2017. 


Dec 7, 2016

3 years ago Debbie and her family moved from Seattle to the Netherlands.  At that time, Debbie and her husband made the decision to homeschool their son Asher, who is “differently wired”.  Asher is profoundly gifted and has ADHD and Aspergers.  He is extremely intelligent, curious and compassionate – in short, an amazing kid. 


When Debbie decided to homeschool Asher, she stepped aside from her traditional author role and began a authoring a new story – the story of the life she and Asher were building as they navigated through the huge transitions of an international move and A LOT of togetherness in their homeschooling adventure. 


Through this journey Debbie and Asher created TiLT – an incredible online resource for families with differently wired kids.  


Listen in to hear Debbie share:

  • The advantages and challenges of homeschooling a differently wired child (in a new country)
  • The power of personal development for kids – and how to get them started
  • How to lean in to your child’s uniqueness rather than fight it or try to fix it
  • Steps to creating an impenetrable bond with your child who is differently wired than you



Links Mentioned:

SMA Ep 59: How to Create Your Own Miracle Morning 

Carol Dweck’s TED Talk: “The Power of Believing That You Can Improve”

TiLT Parenting:

TiLT Parenting on Facebook:

Debbie’s Author Site:


Dec 5, 2016

The holidays can be fun.  So fun.  


Friends. Family. Food. Drinks. 


Giving and receiving.  


Joy and magic.


The holidays can also be stressful, isolating, depleting and sad.


Loss, regret, and defeat can feel amplified at this time of year. 


Whether you are filled with holiday cheer or trudging through the days with holiday blues, here are 6 ways your can have happier holidays:

  1. Give
  2. Have a budget
  3. Be ok with ok 
  4. Rewrite history 
  5. Create moments that can become traditions
  6. Know thy family
  7. Plan your partying


You can read the full show notes at

Nov 30, 2016

Michelle Duncan-Wilson became a mom for the first time at 17 years old.  She now has a 17 year old daughter and two sons, ages 8 and 3.  


Michelle will tell you she was “not meant to be a mother”.  While she is now thriving it took her years to arrive.  She had to find her mothering soul and give it some room to grow.  


In this episode Michelle shares:


  • What life was like as a teen mom
  • How she crammed 40 years of life experience into her first 25 years of life
  • What she wants her 17 year old daughter to know about being a 17 year old mom
  • How motherhood has been different, but not easier, in her thirties
  • Why we are not meant to mold our children, but to accept them in any shape they are
  • Why mothering pain is not for nothing
  • How she is currently thriving in “evolution through motherhood”



Links Mentioned:

Michelle’s Website:

Facebook Group:

Instagram: @soulworkformoms

Book: Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Menton

Book: Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

Book: Tears to Triumph by Marianne Willamson

Book: Shift into Freedom by Loch Kelly


Nov 28, 2016

It is so easy to get stuck in our old stories:


  • I can’t find a husband because of my daddy issues.
  • I will never be fit because of my family genetics.
  • I will never make very much money because no one in my family makes very much money. 
  • I’ll never go to college because we can’t afford it and no one in my family has gone to college.
  • I can’t start my own business because I don’t know anything about business.
  • My life will never feel complete with just one child – I’ll always feel a sense of loss over this. 


I have told myself some of these stories.   I have seen others tell themselves some of these stories.  


We get stuck in our stories and don’t progress in certain areas of our lives because we are COMMITTED to our stories.  We can see past them, or around them, or through them.  


But, the truth???


  • You can find the man of your dreams.
  • You can get in amazing shape.
  • You can make unlimited amounts of money.
  • You can go to college – and grad school.
  • You can start your own business.
  • You can be 100% happy and fulfilled with just one child.  


To create a new story, you have to start changing the conversation in your head.  You have to start talking to yourself differently.  You have to be open to new and different influences.  You have to be open to growth and discomfort to find the magic that lies juuuust outside your current comfort zone.  Our old stories are comfortable and familiar – which is why we hold them close to our hearts.  


By getting challenging yourself to get a little uncomfortable in new conversations with yourself, you will push you right through your old stories and into new ones that will change your attitude.  Your new attitude will change your behavior.  You new behavior will change your outcomes.  Your new outcomes will change your reality. 


Start telling yourself new stories. 


Nov 23, 2016

Kathy Fettke didn’t set out to build an empire.  But when her husband’s major health scare threatened to cripple their families financial situation, she did got to work….  She rented out rooms in their family home to pay the mortgage.  She started cold calling people who might sponsor her radio show.  She forged ahead and created a path that lead her family to financial freedom.  Now she educates others how to do the same. 


Listen in to hear Kathy share:

  • how her breakdown lead to a breakthrough
  • how she serves others by offering hope
  • Tips for tapping into your higher self (like Heart Math)
  • The importance of being guided by your values and your vision
  • Whether or not you should buy a house right now
  • The power of small real estate investments 
  • How rentals can make you rich
  • The direction she sees the housing market heading in the next 4 years


Links Mentioned:

Book: Retire Rich with Rentals


Heart Math:


Nov 21, 2016

Today is my birthday!  On one’s birthday, one should wear a unicorn onesie and drink from a jeroboam (4 bottles of wine in one big ass bottle).  #truth


I planned a few ways to kick off my 41st year.  Cause let’s be honest, after you have kids, the only birthday celebrations you’re gonna get are the ones you plan yourself.  I mean, my 4 year old would love to throw me a party – but I think we all know he’s better at throwing a tantrum than a party…  Plus, the magic to planning your own birthday is that you get to do any damn thing you want, right?  Listen in to hear what I planned for myself!


It is also Thanksgiving week.  We’ll talk about my Thanksgiving blueprint here - how to navigate the food and the family drama.  There can be so much of both…


I’m also sharing some listener emails with you.  Getting your messages is magic to me.  I love reading your stories and hearing how the Shameless Mom Academy has impacted you.  Thank you to everyone who has written to me.  I adore you.  And special thanks to Shameless Moms Audra, Patty and Jessica, who let me share their letters today.  


Lastly, in this week of giving thanks, know that I’m so thankful for all you mamas who make up The Shameless Mom Academy.  You are my people.  xoxo


Links Mentioned:

Facebook: The Shameless Mom Academy

Nov 16, 2016

Cierra Seay is an entrepreneur running multiple business and the host of The College Dropout Podcast”.  She believes there are many roads to success and we don’t need to be limited by a traditional path. 


Cierra is also the mother to two little boys, Christian and Caleb.  When Christian was just 1 year old, Cierra unexpectedly lost her mother and grandmother, the two most significant women in her life.  Of course, this shook her to her core.   For about a year and a half after these losses, she told everyone, “I’m fine.”  And then she found herself not fine at all. 


Listen in to hear Cierra share about her loss & grief, how she coped, and how she has come out stronger on the other side of grief.  She also shares what she learned from her mother and grandmother and how she is living these lessons and passing them along to her boys. 


Links Mentioned:

Podcast: The College Dropout Podcast

Book: Greatness Is Upon You

Cierra on Facebook

Cierra on Instagram


Nov 14, 2016

I know there is a lot of sadness, anger, pain and fear pulsing through our country right now.  I wanted to use this episode to give you some thoughts on how to honor your feelings and your grief, while taking steps to continue showing up in all the areas of your life where you are needed right now.  


There is tremendous strength, power, and hope on the other side of grief.  But you have to work through the grief to find it.  


Right now, any chance you have to prove yourself strong and capable is an opportunity.  This might start with a workout, or a letter to a public official, or attending a gathering in support of a cause you wholeheartedly support.  


Action is important, no matter how small.  It will let you find your legs and your voice. 


Action will allow you to heal.  


Action will show your kids you are a fighter. 


Action will slowly unravel the knot in your belly. 


Listen in for some inspiration (and a few laughs) that might help you take a few step forward.


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SMA Episode 68 with Kim Ades – on how to have a family meeting


Articles on how to talk to children about Trump and the election:

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Nov 9, 2016

This time of year is notorious for overwhelm, yes?!?  The demands on your time only get worse and more pressing as we get closer to the holidays.  Here are some tools for you to put in place if you’re already feeling the overwhelm of the season.  


If you’re not overwhelmed yet, I promise you will be… Take notes!



  1. Get up 15-30 min earlier
  2. Make a List, Check it Twice
  3. Prioritize Crucial Results and High Anxiety Items
  4. Understand Parkinson’s Law 
  5. Turn off all notifications, buzzers, dingers, get friendly with Airplane Mode
  6. Shut down social media (use a social media timer!)
  7. Unschedule low priority commitments
  8. Get creative with delegation – it doesn’t have to be expensive
  9. Learn and remember… 


Links Mentioned:

Book: You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero


Nov 7, 2016

As we move from Halloween toward Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, I already hear women saying:

“I’m going to be good until Thanksgiving.”

“I’m going to reign it in for a couple weeks.”

“No more sugar until Christmas.”


We tend to make a lot of rules for ourselves in relation to food at this time of year.  In many cases we feel frustrated and defeated by a holiday, based on what we ate, which is such a bummer.  You shouldn’t feel less joy about Halloween because you ate some candy.  


In this episode I teach you the philosophies and habits I teach the women at my gym in regards to using food for fuel – rather than punishment.  Fueling tour body with food is ridiculously empowering.  It helps you move away from a deprivation mindset.  It helps STOP using food as punishment.  


Listen in to learn about these 12 tips that will help you reframe your relationship with food and how it food can positively impact you as we enter this season of celebration!


  1. Use propro as a cornerstone for every meal
  2. Understand and utilize the concept of volume eating
  3. Get in 20-30 grams of protein for breakfast
  4. Live between 2-4
  5. Stop at 80%
  6. Know Your SFs
  7. Only eat things you enjoy, but also try new things
  8. Be open to quitting sugar. For now.
  9. Designate drinking days
  10. Crowd out crap carbs
  11. Drink the water
  12. Plan everything



Links Mentioned:

SMA interview with Jill Coleman: How To Eat Every Damn Day



Nov 2, 2016

Creating confidence is something that comes with practice, experience, and well, faking it.  That whole “fake it till you make it” concept – it’s true.  Although, I like to say, “fake it till you become it.”  


Sometimes you have to try on a new and improved version of yourself to see how it fits.  From there, you can tweak, evolve and grow into the person you want to be.  Practicing is critical.  Without practicing being the new, confident, self assured you, you will NOT become the new confident, self assured you.  So, get out there and try her on for size.  


It’s ok to strive to be the person you truly want to be.  It might feel a little awkward at first.  Others might wonder what’s going on.  That’s ok.  Just keep being the you YOU truly want to be.  You will grow in to the role.  Your life and landscape will evolve with you, which is fabulous. 


Know there will be uncomfortable moments.  Anticipate them, prepare for them, own them.  


As you start to behave more confidently, you will actually become more confident.  Then others will see you as more confident, and you will, in turn, continue to carry yourself more confidently. See that beautiful cycle?!


Listen in to learn more about:

  • How to be the boss
  • How to stop blending in
  • How to raise your hand 
  • How to take the stage
  • How to get comfortable being uncomfortable


In order to:

  • Take more leaps in life
  • Upgrade your quality of life
  • Get what you actually want
  • Change your reality and perspective for the better, permanently
  • Show your kids how to be brave, bold, courageous



Oct 31, 2016

The end of last week was almost laughable when it came to how many unexpected things were thrown my way – from a sick kid, to a craiglist scam, to a possibly broken foot (damn yoga), my days got thrown upside down over and over.  


Historically, I suuuuuck at being spontanteous and managing the unexpected, but when you’re a mom, you’re not left with much choice.  You gotta rock the unexpected every damn day. 


I love this quote I read Friday morning by Jen Sincero (from her book, You Are A Badass) – I stumbled upon it EXACTLY when I needed to hear it most: ““Life is an illusion created by your perception, and it can be changed the moment you choose to change it.”


So, I’m sitting her recording this episode, icing my foot, and texting with my doctor friend – then running (gimping) upstairs to put on my unicorn costume for Vinnie’s school Halloween party. Cause that’s how Shameless Moms roll – even when we’re broken, we’re ON IT. 


Listen in to learn how you can rock the unexpected even when you think you cannot manage one more thing flipping your world upside down.


Oct 26, 2016

Debbie Page Whitlock is a business and personal finance expert committed to the financial success of start-ups, solopreneurs and small business owners around the world. An internationally recognized and award winning business coach in Seattle, Debbie wants you to create the prosperity and good fortune you deserve. 


Debbie has been a mentor to me for a few years now.  Her conversation around women and money is something every woman needs to hear.  I am elated to have her join me on the show. Debbie’s expertise will support and guide you, no matter what your current relationship with money is.


Listen in to learn about MONEY and:

  • The 3 Amigas: Fear/Doubt/Worry
  • How to get out of “the loop” by changing your physical state
  • Why an unhealthy relationship with money is not terminal
  • The power of a quarterly Family Financial Summit


Debbie and I also dive deep into money and marriage.  Debbie shares her personal story of how money impacted her marriage and why money was part of the demise of her marriage.  


We all have a relationship with money – and it started when we were very young.  Your relationship with money impacts your marriage, your family/friend relationships, your children, and your daily decision making.  This conversation will help you no matter where you stand with money.  


Links Mentioned:


Debbie’s Website

Debbie on Facebook

Debbie’s private Profit Lab Facebook group

Article: The Biggest Money Differences Between Men and Women





Oct 24, 2016

Know Thy Triggers.


I say this to my gym members all the time.  You have to know what triggers you, if you want to really own the heck out of your life.  Knowing your triggers allows you to say yes to the right things and no to the wrong things.  Knowing your triggers helps you identify what you want to fight for and what fights are a waste of your time.  


Last week I put up a fight.  A couple times.  


I defended my child.


I defended all women.


Then I wrote a manifesto. 


At the end of the week, I came to see there are things I will always fight for.  There are people I will always defend, even if I take a beating in the process.  


I know what’s right for ME.  


I hope this episode helps you define what’s right for YOU.


Here’s my manifesto:


Nasty Woman Manifesto


  1. Stand for women
  2. Stand for children 
  3. Stand up to bullies
  4. Take the high road
  5. Where there is not a path, create one
  6. When you listen, truly hear
  7. Share
  8. Fight for the underdog
  9. Don’t back down
  10. Work for the greater good
  11. Connect
  12. Do not fear your enemy
  13. Challenge the status quo
  14. Empower the powerless 
  15. Pay your fair share


Will you do yourself a favor and write your manifesto?  You can use any of mine you want to get you started!  


Send me your manifestos to:  I would love to share some other Shameless Moms’ manifestos on an upcoming podcast!


Oct 19, 2016

Kim Ades is the president and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngineTM Software. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach, and mother of five, Kim is recognized as one of North America's foremost experts on performance through thought mastery. By using her unique process of integrating online journaling in her coaching, Kim helps her highly-driven clients to examine and shift their thinking in order to yield extraordinary results.


I was so fascinated to learn about Kim’s family.  She and her husband married 8 years ago and brought together 5 children, ages 9-14, to build a new family.  Kim quickly learned a lot about what it took to function and thrive as a blended family.  Listen in as she shares:

  • The significance of traveling as one unit
  • The power of new traditions (like hot dog stuffed turkey)
  • The importance of the Family Meeting and the format she recommends (what’s working , what would you do different, what is one request)
  • The difference between parenting and childing
  • The truth about parenthood and self management


Professionally, Kim has taken her work with Frame of Mind Coaching to a different level than many of the coaches I have spoken to.   Listen in to hear Kim share:

  • The specific and unique formula she uses to help through major life breakthroughs
  • The significance of journaling in her practice and why it is crucial for growth
  • Why we have to go back and rewrite out own stories if we want to move forward in our current space


Lastly, Kim invites you to assess your own frame of mind with her online assessment. This assessment will give you a sense of what's keeping you stuck, and how our coaching can help get you past it.



Links Mentioned:

Kim’s Website

Free, no obligation Frame of Mind Assessment

Resilience Radio Podcast


Oct 17, 2016

I first heard of Happiness Boosters from the amazing Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project).  In the last few months I’ve given considerable thought to how we can create joy or boost happiness on a whim.  


Sure, I would love to do a weekend of wine tasting in Napa to boost my happiness.  But that requires a lot of planning, travel, and money.  It’s important to have big Happiness Boosters like this from time to time.  But ,it’s also important to consciously create small happiness boosters for yourself, on a moments notice.  


There is no end to the quick (and cheap) Happiness Boosters you can create for yourself – TODAY.  


Take a few minutes to rearrange a space in your home or office so you really love spending time in it. 


Get rid of something that has been annoying you forever and replace it with something that functions the way you want it to.


Invest in a little things that make a big difference in your quality of life or at least the quality of your day (like my cordless vacuum.)


Do something little to make your home or office more comfortable.


Create something that elicits an emotional response (frame those baby pictures you’ve been holding on to forever!)


These little things make a big difference in your daily happiness.  This, in turn, impacts your overall quality of life.  Don’t underestimate the little things.  They are BIG. 


Listen in – and then go get yourself a new soap pump!  


Oct 13, 2016

Rachel Adams, an extremely successful real estate agent, was living a picture perfect life – until someone called her out, accurately suggesting that Rachel’s picture perfect life was not nearly as perfect as it seemed.…  


One conversation changed Rachel’s game forever.  That one conversation helped Rachel open up about her quiet (almost secret) divorce, shed 30+ pounds, and create a new life that is not picture perfect, but 100% the life she wants.  


In the course of creating a new and much more real life, Rachel learned a lot about herself and realized she had the tools to help other women.  So, she partnered with the woman who called her out and wrote a book to guide other women through, Lost to Found in 90 days: Your Journey to Self-Discovery and Ultimate Happiness.   transformation.


Listen in to learn:

  1. Why you need Solution Based Lenses
  2. The magic password trick that can the course of your life
  3. How to determine if a friendship is for a season, a reason, or a lifetime – and why breaking up with girlfriends is important sometimes
  4. How to define your legacy and start living it


Links Mentioned:


  1. Book/Video: First 3 chapters of Rachel’s book and first weekly video 
  2. Rachel on Facebook
  3. Website:




Oct 10, 2016

I recently attended Lewis Howes’s Summit of Greatness.


I went to see how he would create greatness and give greatness.  I know he is someone who receives other people in the world in a very unique and special way.  I wanted to see that magic in person.  


And I did. 


Over and over. 


And over.


To create Greatness, you must be a giver, through and through.  You must give love, unconditionally.  You must create confidence in those you want to give to.  You must be compassionate and empathetic.  You must show up with humility and grace.  


To receive Greatness, you must be open and willing.  You must be listening.  You must be at least a little bit vulnerable.  You must be considerate of your surroundings – allowing in the things that make you a little uncomfortable, knowing they will make you better. 


At The Summit of Greatness, I saw Greatness created and given over and over.  I saw it received in a million different ways.  I received it myself through connections with new friends, trying things out of my comfort zone, and listening attentively to everything and everyone. 


In this episode I share my transformative experience of receiving Greatness. 


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Oct 5, 2016

Nisan Trotter has been inspiring others onstage since his youth.  His mother and mentors saw a gift in him and encouraged him to shine, even when he didn’t feel up to it, even when his peers were making fun of him. 


Today, Nisan inspires people on stage across the country with his passion and drive, gifting others with motivation and inspiration.  


However, Nisan admits his most important role is not speaking on stage.  It is speaking at home – as he raises his two sons.  If you follow him on Facebook, you’ll see what an adoring daddy he is to these two. 


Listen in to hear Nisan share:

  • How he overcame bullying and found his voice
  • How his most challenging relationship, the one with his father, has also been a gift
  • How you can turn a bad day and a bad attitude into something positive
  • The power of YOU, that no one else can do
  • Why it is essential to find what makes you shine and then actually DO that thing


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