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Sara Dean launched the Shameless Mom Academy to help moms lead more positive, powerful and purposeful lives #everydamnday. Sara is an award winning fitness professional, author, speaker, and transformation coach who spent the last 16+ years serving moms in the fields of psychology, sociology, health & wellness. But, it took becoming a mom herself in 2012 to learn that - holy cow - this is hard work, and if you’re not paying attention you can completely lose your own sense of identity while raising babies. Join Sara every Monday and Wednesday as she and her notable guests (such as Gretchen Rubin, Carrie Wilkerson, JJ Virgin, Susan Hyatt, Cathy Heller, Nichole Nordeman, Melanie Shankle, and Jadah Sellner) dig deep into topics like creating the confidence you crave; turn your struggles into strengths, building better boundaries, and tuning into tiny habits that can change your life. Discover how why thousands of moms all over the world are turning to The Shameless Mom Academy to live bigger, bolder, braver lives #everydamnday.
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Jan 31, 2018

Aby Moore is a full-time blogger and online course creator. Aby writes You Baby Me Mummy, an award-winning top UK Family lifestyle blog, where she specializes in blogging advice, coaching, and courses. She helps mums create more freedom in their lives by turning their blogs into their businesses.

Aby built her blog while her baby slept on her chest.  Within 15 months she was making more money off her blog than she had ever made at a traditional job.  She takes her business very seriously and she wants to help you do the same. 

Aby is no-nonsense and brutally honest in her advice, which I really appreciate.  She is not going to sugar coat what you need to do to be successful.  She’s going to tell you what to do and she expects you to do it.  Annnnnd, she is also a total sweetheart.  So you’re in for some fun, too. 

Listen in to hear Aby share:

  • The difference between blogging for hobby vs blogging for business
  • How to build a business around your blog
  • Why you must be obsessed with your blog and your content
  • The power of leveraging partnerships
  • Social media tips to connect brands and companies
  • Why you actually DO have time to make your dreams come true (the brutal truth!)
  • The biggest blogging mistakes moms make

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Jan 29, 2018

Today’s episode was inspired by a couple lessons I learned after getting some not-so-nice feedback about the podcast last week.

Receiving other’s feedback is always an opportunity for reflection. 

Then comes action.

Decide what to do with this new information.

Is it valuable feedback?

Is it garbage?

Is it a little of both?

The feedback I received was a little bit of both.  But it provided me with a two really valuable lessons that I’m passing along to you:

  1. You MUST have an outlet you truly enjoy and you must prioritize that outlet in your life. Listen in and I’ll give you bunch of ideas.
  2. You are always building things – in multiple areas of your life. You must take radical responsibility for what you are building and how you can constantly seek growth and evolution.  Listen in for specific examples.

Let me know what you think about this episode. I would love your feedback.

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Jan 24, 2018

Gretchen Rubin is the author of several books, including the block-buster New York Times bestsellers, Better Than Before, The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. Her newest book is The Four Tendencies.  She has an enormous reader- ship, both in print and online, and her books have sold more than two million copies worldwide, in more than thirty languages.

She makes frequent TV appearances and is in much demand as a speaker. On her weekly podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin, she discusses good habits and happiness with her sister Elizabeth Craft. Rubin started her career in law and was clerking for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor when she realized she wanted to be a writer. She lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters.

I was beyond excited and honored to have Gretchen join me on the show (as evidenced by my fangirling at the beginning of the episode.)  Gretchen could not have been more fun or fascinating to interview.  We also clicked really well and had a lot of similarities, which made it all the more fun to pick her brain.  Like she said at the end, “we could keep talking all day.”  So, we are basically besties now.

Listen in to hear Gretchen share:

  • What are the Four Tendencies and why should you know your tendency
  • Why it’s helpful to also know others’ tendencies
  • How Obligers can immediately get more of what they want rather than caving to others all the time
  • What freedom looks like for each tendency (this might surprise you)
  • How can you get more of what you want TODAY by knowing your tendency

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Jan 22, 2018

Today I’m going to tell you about the least sexy C word you need to use WAY more often.

I think this C words is one of the most impactful words in your life if you put it into practice.  In fact, I can see how this word assisted me in running my first 5K, my (only) marathon, and many triathlons.  It is representative of how I parent daily.  It has been a huge part of my success in building 3 different business platforms over the last 15 years.  It truly impacts everything I do.

When I want something to stay in my life for the long haul, I commit to fully embracing this word, even when it’s not easy.  This word becomes a practice unto itself.

I would say this word is one of the most powerful and impactful words in my 42 years of life.  It is what keeps me showing up over and over in any area where I want to accomplish great things.

You likely need MORE of this word in your life.  Every. Damn. Day.


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Jan 17, 2018

This is Part 2 of my interview with Leslie Juvin-Acker.  If you haven’t listened in to Part 1, listen to that first!

In Part 2 of this interview, Leslie dives deep with me to give me some coaching around my own experiences with money (like deep-rooted stuff from my childhood – good times).  It’s a really fascinating conversation and I think you’ll learn a ton from some of the connections Leslie and I make based on my history/story. 

On top of diving into my story, Leslie shares:

  • The key to cultivating wealth and a wealth mindset
  • The one secret to making happiness a habit
  • The difference between prayer and meditation

This was a really powerful conversation for me and I think you’ll find it really valuable as well!

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  • Connect with Leslie: Leslie Inc
  • Leslie on Facebook
  • Leslie on Instagram
  • Book: Rich Habits, Poor Habits
  • Work with Leslie at her upcoming NY events: Leslie Juvin Acker (use the code SHAMELESSMOM to access your complimentary ticket!)
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Jan 15, 2018

How many times have you found your self admitting to indulging in a “guilty pleasure”?

Can we all get over that?


Can we simply enjoy the things that bring us joy and happiness (like long showers, dark chocolate, alone time, cheese, and Real Housewives) without connecting them to guilt?

Cause the truth is that you deserve all the chocolate (and cheese) in the world.  You don’t even have to earn it.  Or feel guilty about it.  You can just have it.  Because you’re worthy of joy and pleasure.  

It’s really that simple.

Listen in to hear 5 reasons you need to stop being guilty about your pleasures.

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  • SMA Episode 149: Stop Saying Sorry
  • SMA Episode 179: How You’re Minimizing Yourself and How to Stop
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Jan 10, 2018

Leslie Juvin-Acker is Chief Happiness Officer at Leslie Inc. where she coaches stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed senior managers, executives, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Her message is happiness and she helps leaders find their State of Happiness with intuitive insight, practical advice, and simple solutions.

In addition to her work coaching high achievers, Leslie is a psychic medium, a hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master,  a domestic violence survivor, a postpartum depression warrior, and a Shameless Mom to her 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.

I was so excited to talk to Leslie because I wanted to hear about so many aspects of her story and background.  This conversation got so deep and involved, Leslie kindly agreed to stay with me longer than planned so we could do a 2 part interview and she could actually coach me in the second half! 

Listen in to hear Leslie share:

  • The power of being the master of your household and empire
  • How her mother’s work as a sex worker and as a domestic abuse survivor shaped her life and success
  • How to see what’s going on around you without getting caught up in the drama (whether it’s dinner hour with toddlers or work chaos)
  • How to stop living at a frantic pace and slow down to listen to what you really want in your life

Be sure to come back next Wednesday for Episode 198 where Leslie coaches me through my own background and experiences with money to help me see where I might be holding myself back.  We dive deep into my family history with money and how that has impacted me.  This is GOOD STUFF, friends.  I hope you’ll enjoy hearing some of my story that I haven’t shared before!

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Jan 8, 2018

There are 4 essential steps you need to take in order to successfully hit any goal or resolution you may be going after this year:

  1. Settle in for the journey, rather than focusing on the outcome
  2. Create a roadmap and follow it
  3. Consistently show up imperfectly
  4. Practice affirmations that shift your self-image

Some (all?) of these might be a little counterintuitive or go against the grain of what you’ve practiced in the past.  That is a GOOD thing.  Because doing the same old thing will only get you the same old results.  Try to do things in a little different fashion this year and you might surprise the heck out of yourself when it comes to your long-term results.

Listen in to hear me dive deep into each of these and explain exactly how you can start getting more of what you really want in the new year!

Links Mentioned:

  • Book: FINISH by Jon Acuff
  • Work with me: Join me for the Shameless Mom MOMENTUM Mastermind later this month.  I will be working with 40 Shameless Moms to help you dial in your goals for the year and go after what you really want!  Not sure what you really want?  That’s ok.  We will spend some time digging deep during this 6-week program to help you identify what makes you happy and how you can have more of that in 2018!  If you’d like to join me, email me at:
Jan 3, 2018

Andrea Owen is an author, mentor, and certified life coach who helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead. She has helped thousands of women manage their inner-critic to create loving connections and live their most kick-ass life.

She is the proud author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life: BS Free Wisdom to Ignite Your Inner Badass and Live the Life You Deserve, (Adams Media/Simon & Schuster). Her second book: How To Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness is out this week!

When she’s not juggling her full coaching practice or hosting retreats, Andrea is busy competing in triathlons, chasing her 10-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter or making out with her husband, Jason. She is also a retired roller derby player having skated under the name “Veronica Vain”.

I loved this conversation.  Andrea and I hit it off from the moment we got on Skype together.  She is brilliant and sassy – which is my favorite combination for a superstar guest.  You care going some great (possibly hard) and valuable things in this conversation.  Buckle up.  This is not for the faint of heart.

WARNING: this episode contains explicit language relevant to the content and Andrea’s book.

Listen in to hear Andrea share:

  • 3 things that are holding you back from happiness
  • Why we use alcohol, food, TV, and social media to numb ourselves and how to stop
  • The truth about gossip and why you do it
  • Why you need to define your core values, even if you think it’s corny
  • How grief can cause regression – and how to make that regression a phase, not a habit

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Jan 1, 2018

To kick of the New Year I am making a bit of an offering to you.  I want to give you my 3 wishes for you in the New Year.  I especially want you to be mindful of these wishes over the next month.  


I think there is a lot of pressure to DO. IT. ALL. in January and I’m inviting you to NOT.  


Instead I want you to consider how three little words might impact your actions for the entire year.  These three words are my wishes for you.  








Listen in to hear how these words are (weirdly) intertwined and critical to your 2018.  


I couldn’t be more delighted to be kicking off a new year with YOU.  Cheer, friend!


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  • SMA Momentum Mastermind
    • Join an amazing group of like minded mamas and me to kick off 2018 in all the best ways possible.  Meet with us weekly via virtual video conference call to share wins, goals, struggles, joy.  This is MAGIC.  Email me at for more info!