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Sara Dean launched the Shameless Mom Academy to help moms lead more positive, powerful and purposeful lives #everydamnday. Sara is an award winning fitness professional, author, speaker, and transformation coach who spent the last 16+ years serving moms in the fields of psychology, sociology, health & wellness. But, it took becoming a mom herself in 2012 to learn that - holy cow - this is hard work, and if you’re not paying attention you can completely lose your own sense of identity while raising babies. Join Sara every Monday and Wednesday as she and her notable guests (such as Gretchen Rubin, Carrie Wilkerson, JJ Virgin, Susan Hyatt, Cathy Heller, Nichole Nordeman, Melanie Shankle, and Jadah Sellner) dig deep into topics like creating the confidence you crave; turn your struggles into strengths, building better boundaries, and tuning into tiny habits that can change your life. Discover how why thousands of moms all over the world are turning to The Shameless Mom Academy to live bigger, bolder, braver lives #everydamnday.
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Sep 28, 2016

Year ago, one of my mentors told me to look up Carrie Wilkerson.  He thought I would be impressed with the way she built a business on her own terms, from her own home, keeping her own family as her #1 priority.  Always. 


You all know, I love doing Facebook “research.”  So, I looked Carrie up, “Followed” her (as her Friends were at capacity, no surprise), and was immediately very impressed.  


What drew me to Carrie was her story.  Through various Facebook posts over the years, I saw her post these intimate snapshots into her life and her history.  Her posts about her family routinely left me teary eyed.  While I was trying (desperately) to grow my little family, she filled me with hope as I learned her story of how she grew her (not so little) family.  I could feel love and grace and strength in everything she shared.  


When I started the Shameless Mom Academy, I knew I wanted to interview Carrie.  She is tough but gentle; firm, but kind; loud, but soft.  My kind of girl.  100%. 


I have heard some of Carrie’s stories a few times now (yes, I totally sound like a stalker). Yet, she still gave me goose bumps over and over in this interview.  


Listen in to hear Carrie share:

  • How she became a Barefoot Executive and how you can be one too
  • Why your competition is not your competition
  • How she overcame 6 figures of debt and lost over 120 pounds
  • How you can divide & conquer and create boundaries in all areas of your life in order to prevent resentment from others 
  • How to say NO and why you should say NO
  • Why your kids need to be on a stage with a mic, sooner than later



Links Mentioned:


Carrie’s Website 

Carrie’s 7 Day Business Blitz (free download!)

Carrie on Facebook


Sep 26, 2016

I had an entirely different episode ready to record for you.  But then I found myself in a parking lot cranky as all get out, fighting with 26 mylar balloons in the wind and a new episode came over me. 


I suck at living in the moment.  Big time.  When I got pregnant the first time, I was excited, yes.  And I was also immediately panicked about how I would ever get pregnant again since the first time took forever and I was already ummmm, old-ish.  I’ve always been really good at worrying about things years in advance. 


Yesterday, right after my Mylar Moment, I turned on exactly the podcast I needed to hear in that moment – 100% unintentionally. It was a Chalene Johnson podcast about family/work balance that really spoke to me – especially the parts about living in the moment.  As it turns out Chalene also struggles with that.  We’re basically twins.


Listen in to hear my 4 tips on how to Be Here Now. Mostly. 


*Implement Time Blocking

*Improve your Mental/Emotional Prioritization and Separation

*Stop Mind Hustling (you know you do it!)

*Make a Family Plan with Clear Expectations


Links Mentioned:


Chalene Johnson Build Your Tribe Podcast (select How to Balance Family and Business)



Sep 21, 2016

I was so excited and admittedly super curious about the conversation Michele Lisenbury Christensen, a sex and relationship coach, and I would have.  Michele was a fun person to interview and maybe not quite what you would expect.  


Michele is a mom, wife, and sex & relationship coach.  Her life evolves around many things, not just sex and having sex. I most ways, she’s a mom, just like you and me.  But she has some expertise that will fascinate you.  And guide you.  


In this episode, Michele shares:


  • How we can all improve our marriage by introducing “wagging” today
  • Why relationships, marriage and sex are more complicated after having kids
  • The real reason you don’t want to jump in the sack at the end of the day
  • Simple steps that can be taken to improve your relationship and sex life, starting now
  • The 5 Keys To Intimacy for New Parents


Links Mentioned:

Michele’s website and services:

Video: 5 Keys to Intimacy for New Parents

Michele on Facebook

Michele on Instagram

Michele on Twitter


Sep 19, 2016

Your morning routine is KEY for owning your day.  Back in Episode 16, I spoke with Craig Ballantyne about his Perfect Day Formula and we discussed the importance of a morning routine.  Today, I am diving deeper with this concept and sharing exactly how to format your Miracle Morning, based on Hal Elrod’s book, “The Miracle Morning: The Not So Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8am.”


This book was transformative for me, so I knew it was well worth sharing with you.  Hal has a specific (awesome) formula for The Miracle Morning that can easily be adapted to a 6-60 minute routine that will allow you to start your day on the right foot, every damn day.  


I have been practicing elements of Hal’s protocol since January and I love it.  In this episode I will tell you Hal’s exact Miracle Morning formula and how any mom can tweak this formula to make it work for you and your family.  


You need a Miracle Morning routine for 3 important reasons:


1. How you start the day impacts your entire day (remember: how you do anything is how you do everything)

2. You will accomplish a lot more and ENJOY it all if you start your day from a place of being PROactive rather than REactive 

3. This routine will create opportunities for growth in multiple areas of your life


I challenge you to start with a 15 minute Miracle Morning practice right away.  And you have to let me know how it goes!

You can read the full show notes and access all the links and resources at:

Sep 14, 2016

Aimee Blair is the mother to three adorable little girls.  Her oldest daughter, Julia, has Down Syndrome.  Aimee shares her story of learning Julia’s diagnosis early in her pregnancy.  She talks about the doctor who told her to terminate her pregnancy and the excruciating 10 days she waited for conclusive test results to find out if her daughter would survive pregnancy.  


Aimee also opens up about the hardest day of her marriage amidst Julia’s diagnosis and the scariest day of her life when Julia was just 3 months old. 


Aimee wants other moms to know:

The truth about Down Syndrome myths regarding maternal age

How children with Down Syndrome are just like other children, and how they are different

The power of inclusion in education

How moms of children with special needs want to be treated 

Why she became a Shameless Mom faster than the most moms


I’m so grateful to Aimee for reaching out to me with her story.  She is strong and brave.  It was an honor to do this interview and help Aimee share her experience with prenatal diagnosis.  This is a sensitive topic and Aimee shares with total grace, in hopes of helping other moms who might walk this journey. 


Links Mentioned:


Aimee’s Facebook Group for Families with children with Down Syndrome in Connecticut: CDSC Hartford County


Website: The National Down Syndrome Congress new and expecting parent page


Sep 12, 2016

I have recently shared.  A lot.  


I’ve told the long story of our IVF journey and ultimately, our IVF failure. 


In the process I have learned a lot about the power of sharing our stories.  


Sharing stories:
* Connects us

* Creates bonds where there was not one
* Is cathartic and therapeutic
* Creates a more empathetic culture
* Humanizes everyone

* Allows us to not be alone

* Destigmatizes all sorts of conditions – infertility, addiction, mental health, death, sex, loss, grief

At the end of the day, my life is made up of many stories…

My podcast is part of my story.

My gym is part of my story.
My marriage is part of my story. 

My child is part of my story.
Divorce is part of my story.
Family Estrangement is part of my story.
Body image struggle is part of my story.
Infertility is part of my story.
IVF failure is part of my story.

In most cases, the deepest connections I make with other people are from struggles I have shared, not because of a perfect image I have conveyed.


Listen in to this episode to learn how you can start sharing just a little bit more in order to create better relationships, and attract the people you want to attract.  I also share a very powerful excerpt from Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton that I think every woman should hear. 


Links Mentioned:


My personal Facebook profile


Sep 7, 2016

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicole Calloway Rankins.  Nicole is a wife, mother, physician (ob/gyn), and integrative health coach.  Nicole juggles many important roles in her life.  When she’s not work nights as a Labor & Delivery doctor, she’s working with her integrative health coaching clients.  In between those two jobs, she’s taking care of her family.  


I was excited to talk to Nicole about life as an OBGYN.  I imagine there is a lot to love – so many babies!  I also wanted to hear about the not so lovely side of her work.  She shared openly about loss, sadness, and poop.


In addition to sharing about her work as an OBGYN, Nicole opened up about her own birth experiences with her two daughters – the trauma of her first birth and the regret of her second one.  I appreciate all she had to share here.  Birth is a big deal and I love to hear women sharing their stories openly, so we can all learn and grow from each other’s experiences. 


Nicole’s role as an integrative health coach really fired me up.  She gets to assist women all over the country who are really struggling with things like weight loss, nutrition, stress and spend the necessary amount of time with them to make a difference.  She helps women create goals and map out a plan.  She walks with her patients step by step, week by week.  This is a really amazing job, much broader than a traditional doctor role.  I love that Nicole is bridging the gap between medicine and wellness to help so many woman. 


Make sure to listen in to hear Nicole’s story and learn how she might be able to help you or other women you know.  


Sep 5, 2016

This is easily the most difficult episode I have recorded.  


I knew there was a strong chance that IVF would end without a baby.  In fact, I planned for it.  I planned to be relieved (I don’t have to be pregnant! I don’t have to nurse! I don’t have to be an exhausted hot mess!)  I planned to be excited (Let’s book a European vacation!)  


I did not plan to feel really, really sad.  


We experienced a lot of sadness when it took so long to get pregnant with Vinnie 5 years ago.  It felt constant.  


This is different. 


It feels final.


And so permanent. 


There are things to be happy about with this outcome.  There are things to be grateful for.  But we’re not there yet.  


We’ll get there.  


But not today.  And probably not for awhile.  But we will be ok.


Here’s the thing… we won the lottery on September 23, 2012. We were given all we could have ever hoped for – a healthy, perfect baby. 


That is enough.  


Vinnie is more than enough.  In every way. 


So, from here we row our little family boat forward, one paddle at a time.  


There will be some waves and things might feel a little topsy-turvy for awhile, but there will undoubtedly be amazing views, the best destinations, and all the love & laughter we could ever ask for.